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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 39: 5/12/14

May 12, 2014
Cheyenne, WY
A funny thing about being a missionary.  We probably talk about the weather more than anybody else.  Maybe that is because we are in more awkward conversations with people we don't know than most other people are.  Maybe it is because we can't check the forecast so the weather is always a surprise.  Maybe because lots of other people check the forecast for us and it becomes a contest to see who is actually going to be right.  Will it be two feet of snow or light rain during the night?  Will there be tornadoes or happy sunshine?
One thing I have found out, some part of the combination of snow all day yesterday piled on the car, the wind blowing as I tried to brush it off the car this morning, and the sun reflecting off said snow made my eyes water so bad that my face would have been black if my mascara wasn't waterproof.  We are buying sunglasses today.

Back to the week.  We discovered the hard way that my companion needs to get her blood work done to get her thyroid medication adjusted.  Apparently switching to be companions with me has been stressful and messed up her levels which turned into nausea and throwing up 4 out of 7 days this week.  Especially not fun since Tuesday was her birthday!  We have spread out the celebration and tried to make it a good week anyway :) Though the gluten-free chocolate cake has yet to be baked.  There is no such thing as too much birthday right?

We have also discovered that it is dangerous to request shepherd's pie for dinner.  We were going to have it with the Millers on Monday, but Sister Miller got sick and is now in the hospital.  (Update, we went to see her yesterday and though she is going to have to stay there for several more days the antibiotics are working and she should be getting better).  On Sunday we tried again, we were going to have it with the Sutherlands.  However, the snow was so bad yesterday that President Bailey cancelled church for the whole stake and the Sutherlands, who live out in the boonies, couldn't even get in to town.  However, since we had planned to have it with the Millers (who we also live with by the way) on Monday, they had all the ingredients so we made shepherd's pie ourselves and, having satisfied the craving for it, the Corner Stone ward should be safe from any requests for it in the near future!

On Tuesday, I got to do orientation to volunteer at the local Animal Shelter, and so much of Thursday was spent playing with puppies of all shapes and sizes (and ages really, but what dog isn't a puppy at heart?).  Serving at an animal shelter is great as a missionary, but I'm not sure it is something I could do at home.  You see, as missionaries we aren't allowed to have pets (and I forgot my plant in Colorado, so not even a green pet for me!) but as a normal person who could have a pet, it would be far too dangerous to be there.  I witnessed it happening last week.  Beware of the cute!

We are still brainstorming ways to help someone overcome water phobia.  Namely going underwater phobia.  As in, we have a couple of dry-Mormons here.  It's like potatoes, just add water :)

Or hot chocolate.  We had good excuse to have that yesterday ;) Which was delicious, but finally brings us to the real highlight of the week!  Yesterday was MOTHER'S DAY.  Talking to my family (well, the ones currently resident at home) was wonderful!  It is a nice chance to get back in touch with the way things are going at home.  (For some reason they didn't all freeze in place when I left....)  And I got to meet baby Eden on Skype!  She is the cutest little thing and anybody who is having trouble believing in God being a loving Heavenly Father and that we lived with Him before we came to earth should meet her.  I am sure that would settle all doubts.  I am so grateful for forever families and that we could have family prayer together as well!
That is something I have been looking forward to since Christmas ;) If that isn't something you have experienced before, you should give it a shot because families are the best!  If you don't know how, ask ;) but you really can't mess it up.

Also, every time I read the Bible Dictionary (LDS King James version) entry on prayer I learn something wonderful.  Then, as I begin to implement the thing that I learned I read it again and learn something new.  Talking to our Heavenly Father anywhere and all the time is such a blessing!  Talking to him appropriately and in the right way brings such great blessings.

Because of Skyping yesterday, we were able to decided together that the TMFWD color for tomorrow will be PURPLE :) I thought about picking a color and having it be the same every week, but we have decided to continue with different colors, of which striped may also be a color ;)

Lastly, a quote from my District Leader to make you smile. "The fear of being rejected us never as bad as actually being rejected.  I've had enough dates to know that!"

Such is the life of a missionary :)

I love you!  Have a great week!  Write me letters! (shameless plug;)  ) I have been inspired by one of the Sisters in my zone to be more on top of writing back!

love, Sister Emily DeFord

p.s. Some just for fun pictures taken while we were stuck at home last night :)

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