Sister Emily DeFord

Called to serve as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Colorado Fort Collins mission.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 32: 3/24/14

March 24, 2014
Longmont, CO

What I learned from the tub.  If you are cleaning a tub, and give it a nice once-over once a week, then things are never too bad nor is there too much to do.  Unfortunately, if you let it go for weeks on end, then it is not quite so nice and cleaning becomes a chore.  However if you go to it thinking, I will work just a little extra on this spot today, then that becomes one spot where only maintenance will be needed, not intense scrubbing, and attention can be given to other places where it is required.  Why do we take the Sacrament once a week?  Because then we can keep up with the mud tracked into our lives, and function with things on a maintenance level, instead of becoming overwhelmed by a dirty tub.  If the tub is dirty though, there are tools to scrub with, things to help, and small areas to focus on at a time, knowing that by so doing we can be completely clean.  What a wonder!

So this last week I took a nap on p-day, for the first time of ever just taking a nap as a missionary.  It was weird, but I just couldn't stop.  Remember, Mom, when I got home from trek and didn't even realize that I was falling asleep on the couch?  And then I tried to wake up at one point but it was too much work and I kept sleeping?  This was a nap almost as good as that, it should have me set up for the next several months :)

We had a great discussion after dinner with a family in the ward this week about inspiration.  Sister Cavalli said something very profound, "inspiration is rarely convenient."  How true!  Something I was thinking of though, often times, we are already going about doing good and accomplishing much of the Lord's work of our own volition.  Sometimes however, He needs something special done.  Usually it is something that we couldn't know of ourselves that needs to happen, because we don't see the whole picture that He sees.  Then He tells us, lets us know there is something that needs doing which is a little out of our norm or out of our way, but He is counting on us to fulfill His purposes.  When those calls come, please answer.  When they aren't coming, please know that you are qualified for and following the Spirit by keeping your covenants, even if specific promptings don't seem to be happening, you are still accomplishing much of the Lord's work.

Fun Sister DeFord self-realization experience of the week.  We talked to someone new who told us she wasn't interested.  The Mormon rules are just a little too strict for her lifestyle.  As we went away, I had the thought that "Yeah, sometimes it is a little strict for me too, but it is true."  I admit it, there are guidelines which we have, both in the Church in general and as missionaries, which are a little strict for what I would prefer.  I feel like, in my prideful way, that I would do just fine outside of some of those things.  But I cannot deny that the love which I know my Heavenly Father has for me means they are for my benefit, if only to allow him to bless me for obedience.  And I know that the means by which we receive these guidelines is inspired and the only way by which I would accept them, through leaders who are called of God and worthy and authorized to lead the Church of Jesus Christ.

Had some great new things on the investigator front, and lots of miracles this week, but my favorite picture moment was this.  We showed up at E's house to invite him to church, and he opened the door with his glasses on and his finger in a book which he had been reading.  El Libro de Mormon!  Couldn't have grinned bigger :)

Hermanas and Sisters

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 31: 3/17/14

March 17, 2014
Longmont, CO

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A funny thing about transfers.  B completely expected what happened.  And he is the only one!  Sister Carbno and I are staying in Longmont for the next 6 weeks!

Now a funny thing about missions.  I keep wondering what a normal day/week is like for a missionary, think surely I have not experienced such a thing.  This is why we have companions, to help us with such difficult questions.  Sister Carbno explained it to me simply: have you had any day which would be normal for a regular person? No. Then all of them have been normal missionary days!  Basically, we take being a 'peculiar people' to the next level :)

Speaking of normal missionary life, still being without a car, but witnessing that in our other weeks without a car we have actually seen more progress (numbers-wise) than in any other week we thought, hey great, we are going to do even more this week!  Haha oh what silly humans we are :) This was my lowest week for everything, for my whole mission (which, though I still feel like I must not have been out very long, is actually progressing quite rapidly and I am somewhat concerned about that whenever it occurs to me to think of it, which I avoid).  That includes weeks in which we were doing 9-10 hour days of flood clean up.  However the week has not been without miracles!

First, I have been able to get up every day on time, even though someone stole an hour of my sleep last Sunday and for some reason decided it was a good idea for me to get up when it is dark outside.  Though, as walking missionaries, I do appreciate that the sun lingers a little longer in the evenings.

Don't worry to everyone who is concerned about us walking in the dark, we do take care of ourselves and do smart things, particularly things like catching rides with the Hermanas and members and walk in well-lit areas and all that ;)

Apparently however, our car-less days are soon to be done.  Though Elvis' expected recovery date is still unclear, we are getting a new car for a transfer present!  Whether this will be a permanent change or just until Elvis is better is also still foggy.

We have not been too gloomy without Elvis however, because we now have Elvis Jr.!  A zone conference was scheduled for last week, and as we had not heard any updates on our car, but still wanting to participate in the competition for the "Cleanest Car Award" we came up with a crafty plan.  Sorry that my journal is maybe not as well kept this week, because we spent many free minutes this week (read breakfast, workout, and journal writing time) building.......
Say hello to Elvis Jr.!  Perfect right down to the bent front license plate ;) He didn't get a 50 but it was totally worth it to shrink-ray him. ....I mean, build him ;)

Another couple of miracles for the week.  E is totally ready to hear the gospel and I want to teach him so badly!  He is the dad of a girl we tracted into and gave a Book of Mormon to a couple of weeks ago, and keep going by trying to catch her at home again, but she never is.  However, her dad always answers the door.  So game plan.  If he answered again we were going to tell him about the gospel, even though he isn't super comfortable with English.  So we did!

Also, we met someone named L who also received a Book of Mormon and we are excited to have a lesson with this next week!

So you know as well, Heavenly Father definitely answers prayers, even little ones.  And I am learning more about using real intent and relying on Him to take care of the things I can't, as I go to work to do what I can.  Seriously.  The most powerful Being in the universe listens to and cares about me.  And you too.

I love you!  Have a good week!

love, Sister Emily DeFord

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Chillin' at Marco's Hot Dogs and Tacos

Marco's Tacos :)

Saying goodbye to Hermana Seaborn for about the 4th time...but I don't mind!  It isn't goodbye forever, but she goes home at the end of this transfer!

Hey I can see my house from here!  Almost...

Week 30: 3/10/14

March 10, 2014
Longmont, CO

Funny thing about vodka.  Ah-ha!  Got your attention :) Really I should have said, the funny thing about being a missionary where you search outside the 'Mormon bubble' is you learn the funniest things.  In this week we were instructed by two different people on how to mix certain alcoholic beverages.  One of them led to a wonderful conversation about the Word of Wisdom and why it is that I will probably never use that recipe.  Though I have been told that vodka (if you get the good kind, several brands were also thrown around during this time) doesn't taste like anything, so the mix of juices without that would probably be pretty good!

I am loving being a walking missionary!


Let President Brown know that I am totally cool with doing this.

Though I might deny that statement if I was in Wyoming in the wintertime...

And a car is convenient sometimes, but then we can get a ride right?  In other times, it somehow helps us to get a lot done by walking.  Or maybe these are just blessings for going out and working hard.  Or maybe it is just the time for these people.  Whatever the purpose, I love it and am amazed and excited by all that is going on!

I hear that mom and dad and I were blessed to be speaking on the same day :) For me, this was basically the best Sunday ever!  B came to church for the second week in a row to hear us speak, and J came for the first time!

The light and the joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ is real.  It softens hearts and lightens loads while adding joy to life in a way that is indescribable.  Heavenly Father loves each of His children and is aware of us and our needs, and we are blessed to also have the opportunity to serve each other.

This work is unstoppable.

Every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can proclaim, with Mormon "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." (3 Nephi 5:13)

love, Sister Emily DeFord

Week 29: 3/3/14

March 3, 2014
Longmont, CO

Funny story.  When Uncle Rob was a teenager he was in a car accident (mom you may correct me if I get any of the details wrong) and he was completely fine, but the car was undriveable.  So he called his mom (my grandma) and told her, "Mom, the car won't start" and asked her to pick him up.  That way, by the time she was there and saw he was in an accident, she could also see for herself that he was okay instead of worrying about it the whole time.  How does this apply to missionary work?

Mom...the car won't start.  Yep!  But everyone is fine.  Here's the story.  On Tuesday it started snowing in the afternoon and kept up steadily for several hours.  We had an appointment at 8 that evening with P, who we usually see on Monday nights but had to switch this week.  At the end of the lesson (we read 1 Nephi 8, such a good chapter!) she said the closing prayer.  This is the first time that P has ever said the prayer with us!  After the prayer she was telling us about how she would never close her eyes in prayers because when she was little she thought everyone would turn and stare at her if she did :)

So P is wishing us a safe drive home, when she remembers she didn't ask for us to be safe!  So she closed her eyes and added on to the prayer.  She is so sweet :) We start on our drive home and the roads are a little slippery but not bad.  However, as we were waiting to turn left onto the street to take us home (a slight incline in the direction we would be going) there was a car coming down the hill which began honking as they apparently couldn't stop.  Since our light was green and we were just waiting for another car (R) to go straight across the intersection before we turned we were sitting right in the path of the sliding car (L).

That wasn't so good.  Amazingly, R made it through the intersection and was just missed by L so she started to turn to avoid us.  We also had started forward farther and tried to turn out of the way, nevertheless a collision occurred between their front bumper and our rear tire.  Elvis (our car) was able to limp out of the intersection to the side of the road, and we got to use our "what to do if you have an accident" packet :) Everyone was uninjured and helpful, Elder Jensen (who is in charge of our cars) is a wonder and the amazing Hermanas came and picked us up :)

Miracles?  P's prayer, R being out of the way to make it a much less messy accident, the fact that when I saw the car coming and heard them honking I didn't freak out (gift of the Spirit being peace?) and we were both able to have enough traction to turn somewhat so there would be no injuries in the collision.  I am sure there are more miracles :) but I know that Heavenly Father's hand is in this work.  And I am so grateful for the prayers of safety said on my behalf and for the other missionaries as well.  Can't wait to tell P about the effect her prayer had when we see her tonight!

After calling Elder Jensen for about the 6th time on Wednesday, I told him that I never want to be in an accident again.  Far too much repetitive paperwork!  Not that I had much of a choice of it this time, but I am so thankful no one was hurt.

That being said, Elvis had to be towed away to be fixed, so we are walking this week!  Luckily we are working with other wonderful sisters who are happy to give us a ride when we need one, and after a chilly few days it is supposed to be a warm week :)

We also had an exchange this week, I went over to Mountain View ward and our STL Sister Smith was with my companion in our area.  And we had the first ever Colorado Fort Collins Mission Sister's Conference on Friday!  It was a great conference, and nice to see familiar faces :) With all of that, we had one of our most productive (by the numbers, which are never the whole story) weeks yet!

Want to know another miracle?  Our District Leader has been in the hospital this week (no, that isn't the miracle, but he is doing fine and should be released tomorrow) yet this has managed to be one of the best weeks in their area as well!  Just try and slow us down, the power of God and his work cannot be impeded.

This truly is the work of the Lord.  The blessings to know and live according to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ are incredible and undescribable.  Yet we go out and try to describe these things to our fellow brothers and sisters so that they may have the desire to come and see for themselves.  Catch on to the iron rod!  There is no need to guess or waver, not knowing where to go or if God is real and works miracles in our lives today.  He will tell you. (James 1:5)

We have a young investigator who doesn't see church as having any real effect in his life.  What he does think about is school and sports.  This week we invited him to try an experiment, and were able to promise him as representatives of Jesus Christ that it would work.  He has a math test every Friday, and every Friday scores 2/4.  He really needs to do better on those, or he won't be able to play in his games.  We promised that if he would read the scriptures every day, he could score higher on his test.  On Sunday we asked how it was going and he told us he has been reading.  This is his experiment upon the word (Alma 32) what are you doing to grow in faith and testimony?

Other exciting news!  B was at church again!  It was a wonderful fast and testimony meeting :) He told us a few weeks ago he was thinking maybe he would try once a month, then twice, and progress up.  Well February was once, I think March should be twice ;) too bad there aren't 5 Sundays in June!

Goals for Sister Carbno and I this week. (Inspiration from our band instructors.  Mine told me: perfect practice makes perfect.  Sister Carbno's said: practice makes permanent.  Which led to the following conversation)
"Let us practice"
"So we can be perfect"
Yes so we are going to be perfect this week ;) or at least progress towards it, that is what this life is all about!

Also it is about family, and I am so blessed to have the greatest one around!  We had a discussion in our Sunday School class about how, similar to the way we choose where we are going after this life, previous to coming to earth we were able to choose our families.  Not in the sense of browsing through numberless options and finally just getting tired and picking one (can you imagine) but that the choices we made and who we were in the premortal life qualified us to be in the families which we are, with the people we love with a strength that can outlast anything, including time and death, and this is why we can be sealed to them for eternity.  I don't remember the reasons I am in my family (there is this funny thing called a 'veil') but I know there are reasons for each of us and they are different for each of us.  I love my family so much, each one of you!  Thanks for choosing me :)

love, Sister Emily DeFord

"I meet a lot of people by accident" -Tow truck driver :)

Sister's Conference

Visiting Elder Johnson in the hospital.  Hope he gets to break out soon!
Tell a missionary to get their camera out...I was supposed to be taking evidence pictures ;)

We are all good!  Elvis is being taken care of as well

Week 28: 2/24/14

February 24, 2014
Longmont, CO

Funny thing about Mormons.  No matter what time church starts (9am, 11am, 1pm, 10am) or what time you are at the building, if you are attending a meeting which is not a fireside or mutual (7pm) then everyone will say good morning at the beginning of a class or talk.  Even in an interview or passing in the hallway.  Maybe it is to remind us that time is relative.  Perhaps we delight in a cheerful "good morning!" over the more serious "good afternoon."  Whatever the case may be there seems to be something to compel one who is in the church building to, though they may have noticed the 2 o'clock hour come and go, continue to say even as their mind corrects their mouth, "good morning!"

Alright, let's see if I can come up with a rundown of the week.  I brought my journal to the computer today so maybe that will help :)

Cleaning up after lunch at the OUR Center I cut my hand on a vacuum cleaner.  It wasn't anything too bad, but the vacuum wasn't done with me.  As I went around the room between the tables and chairs it swelled up in preparation for a good "poof!"  Like in a cartoon it poofed dust right up into my face.  I should have looked around for a tunnel to Looney Toon land!

To continue in the childhood flashbacks, at dinner that night we acted out "The Three Little Pigs" so many times I lost track, but if those kids ever decided to go to Broadway I can say they would be some of the most dedicated, never tired of rehearsals and improvement, actors in the place!

Speaking of mothers, (we weren't but not we are!) someone this week (and she must be excused, she was in the midst of a big upheaval in her life it seems) addressed me as Sister Carbno's mother.  Luckily I was able to contain my laughter until we left the house!

I have a love/dislike (remember I am not using the word hate) relationship with the last 10-15 minutes before anything where it is too early to arrive for certain things but to do something else might make us late!  It was in one of these times in which Sister Carbno and I experienced the good and the bad of inspiration.  Can there be a bad?  You may well wonder, but let us examine this together.

We had a few minutes, and I knew the address of someone in the area whom we have never been able to meet yet.  I couldn't remember his name, but R.C. did pop into my head.  When we got to the house we looked up the name, and that wasn't it, but then Sister Carbno said something about R. C.  It took the whole time of praying, going to the house (he wasn't home) and getting back into the car before I realized it was strange that Sister Carbno and I had thought of the same person.

Spend enough time with someone and them hearing the things you think to yourself really doesn't seem so strange.

Of course this happenstance must be addressed as inspiration so off to R.C.'s house we went!  He is listed in our ward directory but we really don't know much about him.  Coming up to the house however, Sister Carbno and I each had the vague feeling of a memory that we had come here before and R.C. had been very not interested in talking to us.  Now, some people may disagree, but we really try not to be annoying as missionaries and respect the decisions of other people to believe what they want to believe and not talk to us if they don't want to.

We must have stood on that doorstep for a good two minutes debating whether or not to announce our presence.  This is what I would refer to as the bad of inspiration.  Have you ever noticed that an uplifting, revelatory thought is often followed by one which seeks to dissuade you from the light you have so recently received?

We decided not to ring the bell.  However, we did call the phone number listed in the directory and had a great conversation with R.C.  The Lord provides a way!

On another note, we have been trying something new this week as an experiment.  Dislike of talking on the phone seems to be a common problem as it appears difficult to set appointments via phone unless someone actually answers.  Messages seem to simply disappear into airspace.  Except!  If you leave a message saying "hey it's the missionaries, we are going to be coming over at 4pm on Wednesday, call us back if this doesn't work!" then your chances are greatly improved of: actually having the lesson occur at the time you stated or having them call you back to cancel the lesson, thus increasing your chances of talking to them on the phone and being able to set an actual appointment.  This is one of my fun games which Sister Carbno might actually agree is fun :)

Another fun game we have started is that when we get distracted, during companionship study, planning, or whatever else then at the point we notice we have been distracted, we have to relate whatever we were talking about back to the gospel.  Preferably it will relate back to whatever we should  have been talking about.  Already there has been an improvement in our focus :)

I love you all and hope you have a splendid week and do happy things!

love, Sister Emily DeFord

Care Package :-)
Am I Sister Carbno's Mother?
Footie Pajamas with Sister Smith

The Zone Leaders got matching sweatshirts

Week 27: 2/17/14

February 17, 2014
Longmont, CO

A funny thing about candy.  Do you (family) remember years ago when we got those many boxes of jolly ranchers and ate some of them, but the fire ones are probably still sitting in our food storage closet?  Well, on Sunday in Relief Society they had little chocolates, and I thought, nah I won't have one today, I have already eaten too much sugar.  So the sweet sister sitting next to me, thinking I just don't like chocolate but not wanting me to be left out, produces for me a fire jolly rancher.  Apparently eating two mints this week wasn't enough!

Sister Carbno and I are not very good at asking for referrals, so we came up with a plan of how to motivate ourselves.  If Sister Carbno doesn't ask for one during the day, we go running an extra day in the week.  If I don't ask for one during the day, I eat two mints during our daily planning :P Only once.  Never again.

Good news!  We finally had a lesson with B who we have been setting appointments with for...well since Sister Carbno got here.  Of course, this happened on the day that we planned for a 5-minute-you-at-least-owe-us-that-much lesson.  Good thing we had previously planned such good lessons ;) She is excited to read the Book of Mormon again and we are excited to maybe have our second lesson come easier than the first!

We had a zone meeting instead of district meeting last week, and President Brown made an appearance!  We also had a trainer's meeting with him this week, and on the night in between I had a dream in which we were having a conference and the alarm interrupted President Brown's training...which I actually wrote something down from when I woke up because it was really inspired ;)

A scripture President Brown shared at both trainings (but not in the dream) was Alma 23:6-8 (Thanks to the Lindes and Jehkiah who I got a card from this week!  Alyssa, this is one of my favorite scriptures).  We had a great discussion about teaching with converting power, the strength of our own conversion, how they never fell away, etc.  And then he asked the question, who benefited the most from all of these things?

The missionaries?

The people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi?

Those who later joined them because they were a peaceful people?

All of them were blessed, it is true.  But there is a group who, because of the ANLs, had great faith in God, such that they were protected, they were obedient, they protected their families.  The children of these people were blessed the most.  These are the parents of the Stripling Warriors, those Sons of Helaman who were miracles and received miracles by their faith.  The gospel blesses families

I am so grateful to be the product of faithful parents, and look forward to seeing the blessings in the family which my sister is starting and how great of a mom she is going to be :) (just don't forget what we practiced about what happens to the fish!) Welcome to the world Eden ;) It can seem like a scary place, but there is safety here.  With your family, both heavenly and mortal :)

love, Sister Emily DeFord

Eden Lynn born 2/11/14

Week 26: 2/10/14

February 10, 2014
Longmont, CO

Funny thing about numbers.  They can be divided and divided and divided and yet there is always still a farther way to go and get a smaller piece of the number.  This is much like missionary work.  We account for the time that we spend by reporting various numbers, but that could never account for the excitement we have about those numbers arriving after weeks and months of pieces falling into place.  Bit by little bit :)

Being a missionary seems to wreak havoc on my short term memory as it becomes impossible to remember the past week as soon as I sit down at the computer, probably an effect of being exposed to internet again without having the general tolerance of it built up which most of the world has ;)

I do remember that it snowed and has been very cold, no real thaw yet but hopefully soon!  All of you in Kennewick should be familiar with such things at the moment.  Every time we go out to shovel the snow which has interrupted some of our more regular activities I at least remember to be grateful that I am wearing jeans at that point and not a skirt!  Though, with leggings and wool socks and boots, a skirt is really nothing to complain about :)

Okay, miracle story for the week!  (By the way, I have a goal to identify miracles as such instead of labeling them as just something good, this was a miracle and I don't want to miss any of them by calling them the wrong thing)  We had a lesson set up with S, who is a single dad and we have been trying to meet with for a while (see paragraph about numbers, above) and had invited Sister Madsen to come with us, because, as sister missionaries we can't go in when just a man is home without another woman with us (it is the same for Elders but in reverse).  He ended up being stuck in Denver, so was not home when we went by.

If you remember a while ago we talked about miraculous disappointments.  Being able to keep faith even when miracles don't end as wonderfully as they have begun.  This story is one of a reverse, where a disappointment was a miracle in disguise!

While Sister Madsen was with us, we set out to stop by several other families who we are piecing together.  One, we tried on a whim, was a woman named E who had been investigating, but had disappeared around the holidays and we hadn't been able to connect with since.  She was home, not busy, let us in and we had a wonderful lesson!  The miracle in the miracle?  Sister Madsen was the perfect person to be there with us and she wouldn't have been if we hadn't had the lesson set up with S which fell through!  Ah the great blessings of missionary work!

Hoping for good news about the baby this week!  Super excited and everyone around here knows it ;)

love, Sister Emily DeFord

Week 25: 2/3/14

Longmont, CO
February 3, 2014

A funny thing about football...No, let's not get in to that :) (Editor's Note: for anyone who wasn't paying attention. The Seattle Seahawks played the Denver Broncos in the Superbowl. The Seahawks won!)

A funny thing about chocolate.  It opens doors, seriously.  It is hard to be upset at someone who is trying to hand you chocolate.  A sister in the ward has told us her theory that there must be a lot of chocolate in heaven, because there aren't regrets there :)

Happy things and sad things this week.  One of our favorite people cancelled having a lesson with us this week.  Sister Snow now knows how to tell the difference between the smell of marijuana and regular cigarette smoke (take that as happy or sad as you wish).  We had a no drive day this week due to snow and in the following days we didn't get stuck!  We practiced street contacting which was fun (always good to learn new things).  We got someone at home who is tough to find and finally got to give him a Book of Mormon.  We made contact with someone who previously was investigating the church and found out that the Spanish sisters had actually re-tracted into her and began to teach her as well!  Plus, one of my favorite people who hasn't been to church in years (besides Christmas) came to church!  So I would say the happy outweighs the bad.  Because we are on the Lord's side, so how could we lose?

Staying in Longmont for another 6 weeks with Sister Carbno!

love, Sister Emily DeFord

P.S. I prayed in Spanish at a member family's house this week again! 

Week 24: 1/27/14

January 27, 2014
Longmont, CO

A funny thing about Colorado.  We have all of the seasons in one week.  So while there are days when we are sad that no one is conveniently out of their houses for us to talk to as we go, there are also June days when everyone is out and you wouldn't be called crazy for wearing shorts (or maybe a skirt...) and this all happens in January.  Apparently there is no such thing as certain clothes being out of season in Colorado.

Some fun quotes for the week:
"I am out all night.  Out cold.  Sleeping." -Sister Carbno.  We do love our sleep!

"Hurry up and wait is the way life goes, so you bake while you wait" -Paula.  Seems like sound advice to me :)

"It's amazing what I just find when I'm just looking!" -Sister Young, in Relief Society talking about shopping but I think this has gospel applications.  (Also did I ever mention that the Dillard's here is closing so they were having splendid sales?)

We had a difficult time with appointments falling through this week (meaning most of them did) but that is okay because that injects more time for us to go out and talk to more people!  So it has been a good time to work on little goals and being brave ;)  I am still looking forward to the time when I will get to try out a certain contacting idea which none of my companions seem to be fans of.

Longmont has several train tracks go through it.  One set of tracks on which trains pass many times a day goes right through our area.  They cross all of the east-west roads.  (Also, it is rather inconvenient when you are trying to get somewhere but your car happens to be on the other side of the tracks).  So a lot of people and cars are stopped to wait by said tracks multiple times a day.  Perfect.  Captive audience ;)

I will let you know how it goes if I ever get to try it!

I love you and miss you and am looking forward to hearing about baby Eden!

love, Sister Emily DeFord