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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 32: 3/24/14

March 24, 2014
Longmont, CO

What I learned from the tub.  If you are cleaning a tub, and give it a nice once-over once a week, then things are never too bad nor is there too much to do.  Unfortunately, if you let it go for weeks on end, then it is not quite so nice and cleaning becomes a chore.  However if you go to it thinking, I will work just a little extra on this spot today, then that becomes one spot where only maintenance will be needed, not intense scrubbing, and attention can be given to other places where it is required.  Why do we take the Sacrament once a week?  Because then we can keep up with the mud tracked into our lives, and function with things on a maintenance level, instead of becoming overwhelmed by a dirty tub.  If the tub is dirty though, there are tools to scrub with, things to help, and small areas to focus on at a time, knowing that by so doing we can be completely clean.  What a wonder!

So this last week I took a nap on p-day, for the first time of ever just taking a nap as a missionary.  It was weird, but I just couldn't stop.  Remember, Mom, when I got home from trek and didn't even realize that I was falling asleep on the couch?  And then I tried to wake up at one point but it was too much work and I kept sleeping?  This was a nap almost as good as that, it should have me set up for the next several months :)

We had a great discussion after dinner with a family in the ward this week about inspiration.  Sister Cavalli said something very profound, "inspiration is rarely convenient."  How true!  Something I was thinking of though, often times, we are already going about doing good and accomplishing much of the Lord's work of our own volition.  Sometimes however, He needs something special done.  Usually it is something that we couldn't know of ourselves that needs to happen, because we don't see the whole picture that He sees.  Then He tells us, lets us know there is something that needs doing which is a little out of our norm or out of our way, but He is counting on us to fulfill His purposes.  When those calls come, please answer.  When they aren't coming, please know that you are qualified for and following the Spirit by keeping your covenants, even if specific promptings don't seem to be happening, you are still accomplishing much of the Lord's work.

Fun Sister DeFord self-realization experience of the week.  We talked to someone new who told us she wasn't interested.  The Mormon rules are just a little too strict for her lifestyle.  As we went away, I had the thought that "Yeah, sometimes it is a little strict for me too, but it is true."  I admit it, there are guidelines which we have, both in the Church in general and as missionaries, which are a little strict for what I would prefer.  I feel like, in my prideful way, that I would do just fine outside of some of those things.  But I cannot deny that the love which I know my Heavenly Father has for me means they are for my benefit, if only to allow him to bless me for obedience.  And I know that the means by which we receive these guidelines is inspired and the only way by which I would accept them, through leaders who are called of God and worthy and authorized to lead the Church of Jesus Christ.

Had some great new things on the investigator front, and lots of miracles this week, but my favorite picture moment was this.  We showed up at E's house to invite him to church, and he opened the door with his glasses on and his finger in a book which he had been reading.  El Libro de Mormon!  Couldn't have grinned bigger :)

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