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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 29: 3/3/14

March 3, 2014
Longmont, CO

Funny story.  When Uncle Rob was a teenager he was in a car accident (mom you may correct me if I get any of the details wrong) and he was completely fine, but the car was undriveable.  So he called his mom (my grandma) and told her, "Mom, the car won't start" and asked her to pick him up.  That way, by the time she was there and saw he was in an accident, she could also see for herself that he was okay instead of worrying about it the whole time.  How does this apply to missionary work?

Mom...the car won't start.  Yep!  But everyone is fine.  Here's the story.  On Tuesday it started snowing in the afternoon and kept up steadily for several hours.  We had an appointment at 8 that evening with P, who we usually see on Monday nights but had to switch this week.  At the end of the lesson (we read 1 Nephi 8, such a good chapter!) she said the closing prayer.  This is the first time that P has ever said the prayer with us!  After the prayer she was telling us about how she would never close her eyes in prayers because when she was little she thought everyone would turn and stare at her if she did :)

So P is wishing us a safe drive home, when she remembers she didn't ask for us to be safe!  So she closed her eyes and added on to the prayer.  She is so sweet :) We start on our drive home and the roads are a little slippery but not bad.  However, as we were waiting to turn left onto the street to take us home (a slight incline in the direction we would be going) there was a car coming down the hill which began honking as they apparently couldn't stop.  Since our light was green and we were just waiting for another car (R) to go straight across the intersection before we turned we were sitting right in the path of the sliding car (L).

That wasn't so good.  Amazingly, R made it through the intersection and was just missed by L so she started to turn to avoid us.  We also had started forward farther and tried to turn out of the way, nevertheless a collision occurred between their front bumper and our rear tire.  Elvis (our car) was able to limp out of the intersection to the side of the road, and we got to use our "what to do if you have an accident" packet :) Everyone was uninjured and helpful, Elder Jensen (who is in charge of our cars) is a wonder and the amazing Hermanas came and picked us up :)

Miracles?  P's prayer, R being out of the way to make it a much less messy accident, the fact that when I saw the car coming and heard them honking I didn't freak out (gift of the Spirit being peace?) and we were both able to have enough traction to turn somewhat so there would be no injuries in the collision.  I am sure there are more miracles :) but I know that Heavenly Father's hand is in this work.  And I am so grateful for the prayers of safety said on my behalf and for the other missionaries as well.  Can't wait to tell P about the effect her prayer had when we see her tonight!

After calling Elder Jensen for about the 6th time on Wednesday, I told him that I never want to be in an accident again.  Far too much repetitive paperwork!  Not that I had much of a choice of it this time, but I am so thankful no one was hurt.

That being said, Elvis had to be towed away to be fixed, so we are walking this week!  Luckily we are working with other wonderful sisters who are happy to give us a ride when we need one, and after a chilly few days it is supposed to be a warm week :)

We also had an exchange this week, I went over to Mountain View ward and our STL Sister Smith was with my companion in our area.  And we had the first ever Colorado Fort Collins Mission Sister's Conference on Friday!  It was a great conference, and nice to see familiar faces :) With all of that, we had one of our most productive (by the numbers, which are never the whole story) weeks yet!

Want to know another miracle?  Our District Leader has been in the hospital this week (no, that isn't the miracle, but he is doing fine and should be released tomorrow) yet this has managed to be one of the best weeks in their area as well!  Just try and slow us down, the power of God and his work cannot be impeded.

This truly is the work of the Lord.  The blessings to know and live according to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ are incredible and undescribable.  Yet we go out and try to describe these things to our fellow brothers and sisters so that they may have the desire to come and see for themselves.  Catch on to the iron rod!  There is no need to guess or waver, not knowing where to go or if God is real and works miracles in our lives today.  He will tell you. (James 1:5)

We have a young investigator who doesn't see church as having any real effect in his life.  What he does think about is school and sports.  This week we invited him to try an experiment, and were able to promise him as representatives of Jesus Christ that it would work.  He has a math test every Friday, and every Friday scores 2/4.  He really needs to do better on those, or he won't be able to play in his games.  We promised that if he would read the scriptures every day, he could score higher on his test.  On Sunday we asked how it was going and he told us he has been reading.  This is his experiment upon the word (Alma 32) what are you doing to grow in faith and testimony?

Other exciting news!  B was at church again!  It was a wonderful fast and testimony meeting :) He told us a few weeks ago he was thinking maybe he would try once a month, then twice, and progress up.  Well February was once, I think March should be twice ;) too bad there aren't 5 Sundays in June!

Goals for Sister Carbno and I this week. (Inspiration from our band instructors.  Mine told me: perfect practice makes perfect.  Sister Carbno's said: practice makes permanent.  Which led to the following conversation)
"Let us practice"
"So we can be perfect"
Yes so we are going to be perfect this week ;) or at least progress towards it, that is what this life is all about!

Also it is about family, and I am so blessed to have the greatest one around!  We had a discussion in our Sunday School class about how, similar to the way we choose where we are going after this life, previous to coming to earth we were able to choose our families.  Not in the sense of browsing through numberless options and finally just getting tired and picking one (can you imagine) but that the choices we made and who we were in the premortal life qualified us to be in the families which we are, with the people we love with a strength that can outlast anything, including time and death, and this is why we can be sealed to them for eternity.  I don't remember the reasons I am in my family (there is this funny thing called a 'veil') but I know there are reasons for each of us and they are different for each of us.  I love my family so much, each one of you!  Thanks for choosing me :)

love, Sister Emily DeFord

"I meet a lot of people by accident" -Tow truck driver :)

Sister's Conference

Visiting Elder Johnson in the hospital.  Hope he gets to break out soon!
Tell a missionary to get their camera out...I was supposed to be taking evidence pictures ;)

We are all good!  Elvis is being taken care of as well

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