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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 20: 12/30/13

December 30, 2013
Longmont, CO

A funny thing about holidays.  They are different as a missionary, go figure.  Whereas many people can't wait for holidays and are sad to see them go, (not that we don't like Christmas, we do) we are so excited to have regular work settle back in!  Though really, I have yet to experience a typical week for a missionary.  Maybe someday, but not yet :)

Christmas was wonderful!  We were able to kick it off with dinner with a family in the ward on Christmas Eve who had no kids home for Christmas so we got to be the kids :) Then Sister Seaborn called us that night to read us The Night Before Christmas as I snuggled in my new grinchy footie pajamas!  We arose at 6:30 per the instructions of the white handbook and were happy to start Christmas :) The stake president invited all the missionaries in the zone over for breakfast and a nerf war in his basement which was quite fun, couches overturned and don't worry, we wore protective eye gear!

Another funny thing about missionaries.  We move around.  Realization happened in the last week that out of the 4 missionaries serving in the Ute Creek ward I have been here the longest and out of the zone I am one of two who were in Longmont for the flood.  Time to make new memories to look back on with those I am serving with now!

I have been blessed to be here so long and enjoy the benefit of seeing the small miracles pile up in the lives of some who we see.  At those moments I realize how little of the work done is by me (it is the Spirit which changes hearts and lives) but the great privilege I have to participate for a brief time in this great work.

One of the investigators who we have been working with for a long time shared with us an experience of feeling the Spirit while reading a chapter in the Book of Mormon (Alma 32--so good!).  This was from someone who thought she would never be able to feel it.  That was our Christmas miracle! 

Plus, how blessed am I to get to love these people so much and learn along with them? Very.

A benefit of modern technology, I was able to Skype with my family at home on Christmas day and see that all are doing well.  Heather is very round with a jumpy belly.  Adam is growing up (though we made a deal that I can still tell you all that I am taller than him until I get home and we see evidence that proves otherwise).  Michael is busy and curly.  Mom and Dad are somehow keeping up with everything!  It sounds like Peter and Dallas and Daryl and Katie and Doug are all doing well and keeping occupied in all their various preferences :)

Time to go but the church is true and the scriptures bless lives and there is nowhere that I would rather be right now!

love, Sister Emily DeFord

Christmas Morning

Grinch Footie Pajamas

Christmas Packages

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