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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 14: 11/18/13

Sounds like lots of exciting things have been happening!  I only just figured out the names and areas of the last bunch of Elders and now we get to start over, but all is well so far!  We have 3 Elders fresh from the MTC which is kind of fun.  Also, Sister Snow's new companion is Sister Seaborn who was actually in the Ute Creek ward in July so she already knows the area a bit!  She is very fun and friendly so it's good, even though we miss Sister England.

This last Thursday was my three month anniversary as a missionary!  Sister Clark and I had a party :) (okay, really we high-fived at zone meeting as we all introduced ourselves and how long we had been out, close enough) How has it been that much?  Then before I realize it will be 6 months, and then a year, and then I will be back in school!  Ah!  Okay maybe not quite like that, but I am really trying to make all of the time count so it all means something, no matter how fast it seems to go by.

Exciting news: I get to teach my first law of chastity lesson!  Which is now a great joke among the ward missionaries.  A while ago, Brother M (who is the gospel principles teacher) went out of town for about a month.  So our ward mission leader and us as the missionaries got to take turns teaching the lessons.  We had just been talking about some of the commandments, so when someone asked what the next lesson would be I jokingly said law of chastity and we volunteered someone else to teach it!  We checked the book though, and it turned out the law of chastity wouldn't be for quite a while, Brother M would definitely be back by then.  Then, when he was back, Sister Z told him that was the next lesson (it wasn't, so we all had a good laugh about it again).  THEN our ward mission leader and Brother M both tell us they will be out of town the Sundays before and after Thanksgiving and ask us to teach the lessons.  Guess which lesson falls right after Thanksgiving.  You got it!  The law of chastity!  Haha, though I have to admit, teaching a gospel principles class is probably the least intimidating place to teach that for the first time.  Should be fun :)

In other news, two of our investigators, who we have been a bit worried about because we haven't been able to contact them, we were able to meet with this week!  That was really REALLY good :) And balances nicely with two other people having dropped us this week.  Though, I was thinking about it, and dropping people doesn't really bother me that much.  Well, individually I am sad that the right time for them isn't now, but collectively I am glad that at least they made it to being investigators before backing off, instead of staying on a potential investigators list forever :)

We get to meet the sweetest people.  Some of the people we talk to are so concerned for us!  Being out in the cold, being out in the dark, the welfare of our souls...they express their concern in interesting ways sometimes, but it is nice of them to care :)

And then we get to have adventures like trying to find an address which turns out to be an apartment building and having people direct us to 4 different apartment numbers where they think the person we are looking for lives :) We didn't find him, but we met a lot of people!

I love you!  Have a good week!

love, Sister Emily DeFord

our last p-day with the old zone!  flour sock war!

some good p-day grocery shopping :)

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