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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 22: 1/13/14

Editor's Note: Since I'm doing some major catching up, some of these pictures were also in the post for Week 21. Enjoy :-)

January 13, 2014
Longmont, CO

Here are the long-awaited pictures!  First batch, 20th birthday!  Yea that lovely cake has a monster truck on it, yes I picked it out and yes it is now sitting on my desk where it can be distracting during study time.  But of course we don't let distractions get to us ;)

Plus all of the Sisters in the zone at my party!  (We do a service project on Tuesdays after which all the missionaries who were there usually have lunch together at the stake center, conveniently being on my birthday!)

Fondue New Year's Eve party at the Merrill's house!

And we had to be home early so we got to watch Seventeen Miracles and Sister Carbno and I are rocking the crowns, pajamas, and junk food!

Yay!  I am 20!

Beekeeping!  Okay, make a face like you were just surrounded by a million bees!
And now, everybody smoosh your face into your face-net-thing :)
We were able to help Miles locate and mark the queen bee and save
many bee lives. 

Don't get too used to all these pictures ;) this was just a particularly good week and I was behind.  These are from a Habitat for Humanity build we helped on this week.

First, how do we get up to the top floor?  Well there is scaffolding in the stairway so we climb up a ladder (but not about the 4th step;)  ) and walk through walls.

Sister Smith and I securing a piece of the wall.  At this point we have already finished the ceiling in the room with a few Elders to learn how it goes, then ceilinged and walled the closet on our own.

Oh and why am I pointing at the doorway?  (Not the Elder) Because when hanging drywall you ignore silly distractions like doorways and then cut them out later!  I cut this one out so we could escape from the room.

Look!  I am holding up the ceiling we put in!  Wall and closet on the left done by yours truly and Sister Smith (with a few assists, mostly by Sister Carbno).

Drywall seems to be a theme on my mission thus far.  We took out countless amounts of it after the flood.  Learning how to peel off wet pieces and dry pieces and exactly how heavy it is.  Plus, we learned patching drywall with Miles at the YMCA (someone decided to try and jump through a wall) and now we have put the first drywall in a new home and learned about measuring and piecing together and the frequency of screws!  Now what is the spiritual application of all this?

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