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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 31: 3/17/14

March 17, 2014
Longmont, CO

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A funny thing about transfers.  B completely expected what happened.  And he is the only one!  Sister Carbno and I are staying in Longmont for the next 6 weeks!

Now a funny thing about missions.  I keep wondering what a normal day/week is like for a missionary, think surely I have not experienced such a thing.  This is why we have companions, to help us with such difficult questions.  Sister Carbno explained it to me simply: have you had any day which would be normal for a regular person? No. Then all of them have been normal missionary days!  Basically, we take being a 'peculiar people' to the next level :)

Speaking of normal missionary life, still being without a car, but witnessing that in our other weeks without a car we have actually seen more progress (numbers-wise) than in any other week we thought, hey great, we are going to do even more this week!  Haha oh what silly humans we are :) This was my lowest week for everything, for my whole mission (which, though I still feel like I must not have been out very long, is actually progressing quite rapidly and I am somewhat concerned about that whenever it occurs to me to think of it, which I avoid).  That includes weeks in which we were doing 9-10 hour days of flood clean up.  However the week has not been without miracles!

First, I have been able to get up every day on time, even though someone stole an hour of my sleep last Sunday and for some reason decided it was a good idea for me to get up when it is dark outside.  Though, as walking missionaries, I do appreciate that the sun lingers a little longer in the evenings.

Don't worry to everyone who is concerned about us walking in the dark, we do take care of ourselves and do smart things, particularly things like catching rides with the Hermanas and members and walk in well-lit areas and all that ;)

Apparently however, our car-less days are soon to be done.  Though Elvis' expected recovery date is still unclear, we are getting a new car for a transfer present!  Whether this will be a permanent change or just until Elvis is better is also still foggy.

We have not been too gloomy without Elvis however, because we now have Elvis Jr.!  A zone conference was scheduled for last week, and as we had not heard any updates on our car, but still wanting to participate in the competition for the "Cleanest Car Award" we came up with a crafty plan.  Sorry that my journal is maybe not as well kept this week, because we spent many free minutes this week (read breakfast, workout, and journal writing time) building.......
Say hello to Elvis Jr.!  Perfect right down to the bent front license plate ;) He didn't get a 50 but it was totally worth it to shrink-ray him. ....I mean, build him ;)

Another couple of miracles for the week.  E is totally ready to hear the gospel and I want to teach him so badly!  He is the dad of a girl we tracted into and gave a Book of Mormon to a couple of weeks ago, and keep going by trying to catch her at home again, but she never is.  However, her dad always answers the door.  So game plan.  If he answered again we were going to tell him about the gospel, even though he isn't super comfortable with English.  So we did!

Also, we met someone named L who also received a Book of Mormon and we are excited to have a lesson with this next week!

So you know as well, Heavenly Father definitely answers prayers, even little ones.  And I am learning more about using real intent and relying on Him to take care of the things I can't, as I go to work to do what I can.  Seriously.  The most powerful Being in the universe listens to and cares about me.  And you too.

I love you!  Have a good week!

love, Sister Emily DeFord

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Chillin' at Marco's Hot Dogs and Tacos

Marco's Tacos :)

Saying goodbye to Hermana Seaborn for about the 4th time...but I don't mind!  It isn't goodbye forever, but she goes home at the end of this transfer!

Hey I can see my house from here!  Almost...

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