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Called to serve as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Colorado Fort Collins mission.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 25: 2/3/14

Longmont, CO
February 3, 2014

A funny thing about football...No, let's not get in to that :) (Editor's Note: for anyone who wasn't paying attention. The Seattle Seahawks played the Denver Broncos in the Superbowl. The Seahawks won!)

A funny thing about chocolate.  It opens doors, seriously.  It is hard to be upset at someone who is trying to hand you chocolate.  A sister in the ward has told us her theory that there must be a lot of chocolate in heaven, because there aren't regrets there :)

Happy things and sad things this week.  One of our favorite people cancelled having a lesson with us this week.  Sister Snow now knows how to tell the difference between the smell of marijuana and regular cigarette smoke (take that as happy or sad as you wish).  We had a no drive day this week due to snow and in the following days we didn't get stuck!  We practiced street contacting which was fun (always good to learn new things).  We got someone at home who is tough to find and finally got to give him a Book of Mormon.  We made contact with someone who previously was investigating the church and found out that the Spanish sisters had actually re-tracted into her and began to teach her as well!  Plus, one of my favorite people who hasn't been to church in years (besides Christmas) came to church!  So I would say the happy outweighs the bad.  Because we are on the Lord's side, so how could we lose?

Staying in Longmont for another 6 weeks with Sister Carbno!

love, Sister Emily DeFord

P.S. I prayed in Spanish at a member family's house this week again! 

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