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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 15: 11/25/13

I have learned that I am not too bad at remembering names, but I am horrible at faces.  Luckily, Sister Z is good at faces and bad at names!  So we work together well!  I don't know what will happen to the one of us who ends up staying in Ute Creek when the other leaves and we can't say things like...did we tract this street already?  Yep, I definitely remember that mailbox, and this is the house where I made footprints in the snow.  Or...he was the guy that one time right after the guy at the park who was riding his bike :) Back to missionaries though, we usually play sports on p-day, and that helps in learning everyone's names a lot actually!  At least the ones who are on your own team :)

There are a few stories about people being concerned for us :) One of them last week was when we were tracting and this woman looked out the window to see who was knocking on her door and almost rolled her eyes when she saw us.  But, she opened the door and talked to us for a minute, she told us she wasn't interested and was going back inside when she came back out to ask about us being out there.  She hadn't known there were girl missionaries, but then had heard on NPR or something about them changing the ages.  We had a good conversation with her about that and what we do as missionaries, since she was thinking we would be heading home soon since the sun was setting, and she still wasn't interested but gave us hugs before we left.  That is so wonderfully cool.  We didn't teach a 'lesson' or anything, but she still changed before we left.  That is what the gospel and missionary work are about!  

Sister Z has been telling everyone about an article called "His Grace is Sufficient" that might be a fun one to look up too :)  Have I told you that one of my favorite parts of missionary work is when I get to study on topics or questions that other people ask?  It is the best!

We got our first headquarters referral today!  That was pretty exciting :) and they actually live in the same apartment building that we were wandering around last week as everyone directed us to different rooms where the man we were looking for might live!  It is an apartment on main street, which we walked to so that was awesome because even if no one is out anywhere else, there are usually some people out on main street  to talk to!

We also had a fun brainstorming session where we wrote down every single idea we could come up with for finding people, nothing was too silly or ridiculous, and through that actually came up with a few new ideas that we are excited to try!

This week, I have learned that I would be very bad at being anything except for a Latter-Day Saint.  I like questioning things, and for there to be a purpose to everything that we do.  The important part though is that I also enjoy searching out the answers.  Or when it is something that is more personal, pondering and praying out the answers.  There is no need for confusion, the Lord never leaves us comfortless.

Have a great week! And happy Thanksgiving!

I got to watch the snow fall Thursday morning while......

Making Cookies
The Breakfast of Champions

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