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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 27: 2/17/14

February 17, 2014
Longmont, CO

A funny thing about candy.  Do you (family) remember years ago when we got those many boxes of jolly ranchers and ate some of them, but the fire ones are probably still sitting in our food storage closet?  Well, on Sunday in Relief Society they had little chocolates, and I thought, nah I won't have one today, I have already eaten too much sugar.  So the sweet sister sitting next to me, thinking I just don't like chocolate but not wanting me to be left out, produces for me a fire jolly rancher.  Apparently eating two mints this week wasn't enough!

Sister Carbno and I are not very good at asking for referrals, so we came up with a plan of how to motivate ourselves.  If Sister Carbno doesn't ask for one during the day, we go running an extra day in the week.  If I don't ask for one during the day, I eat two mints during our daily planning :P Only once.  Never again.

Good news!  We finally had a lesson with B who we have been setting appointments with for...well since Sister Carbno got here.  Of course, this happened on the day that we planned for a 5-minute-you-at-least-owe-us-that-much lesson.  Good thing we had previously planned such good lessons ;) She is excited to read the Book of Mormon again and we are excited to maybe have our second lesson come easier than the first!

We had a zone meeting instead of district meeting last week, and President Brown made an appearance!  We also had a trainer's meeting with him this week, and on the night in between I had a dream in which we were having a conference and the alarm interrupted President Brown's training...which I actually wrote something down from when I woke up because it was really inspired ;)

A scripture President Brown shared at both trainings (but not in the dream) was Alma 23:6-8 (Thanks to the Lindes and Jehkiah who I got a card from this week!  Alyssa, this is one of my favorite scriptures).  We had a great discussion about teaching with converting power, the strength of our own conversion, how they never fell away, etc.  And then he asked the question, who benefited the most from all of these things?

The missionaries?

The people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi?

Those who later joined them because they were a peaceful people?

All of them were blessed, it is true.  But there is a group who, because of the ANLs, had great faith in God, such that they were protected, they were obedient, they protected their families.  The children of these people were blessed the most.  These are the parents of the Stripling Warriors, those Sons of Helaman who were miracles and received miracles by their faith.  The gospel blesses families

I am so grateful to be the product of faithful parents, and look forward to seeing the blessings in the family which my sister is starting and how great of a mom she is going to be :) (just don't forget what we practiced about what happens to the fish!) Welcome to the world Eden ;) It can seem like a scary place, but there is safety here.  With your family, both heavenly and mortal :)

love, Sister Emily DeFord

Eden Lynn born 2/11/14

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