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Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 73: 1/5/2015

January 5, 2015
Longmont, CO

Sometimes I am distracted very easily.  Like when I was writing the date in my journal on January 1st, and was determined to write the year correctly, but somewhere between the 'Jan-' and the '20-' part I got distracted from my goal and did it wrong.  Now that had made me even more determined to write it right the rest of the time though!

First part of the news from the end of the week is (drum roll please!) exactly what I expected to happen with transfers is happening!  Every once in a while I have an idea ;) Sister Allen and I are staying together for the next transfer! (sidenote: there seems to be a possibility that Sister Allen's uncle Jeff and my uncle Don were mission companions)  Hermana Ferrell will be departing from us to head to Boulder and train again, dear, brave, chosen Hermana Benny is staying here to train a new missionary.  They can use all of the prayers anyone can spare, though I'm sure the Lord knows what he is doing and is prepared to uphold them.  Hermana Benny was called at a special time, where she would have to train after her first transfer, the Lord doesn't call just anyone to do that.  We will continue having as much fun in the work as we can handle!

Do you remember D______ from way back when?  Well, due to the boundary change she is no longer in the ward, but we get to work with her grown up daughter N_____ now.  She has had a rough life, but really is working on drawing closer to God and relying on him and his plans for her.  My favorite part of talking with her this week though was when she told us about a job that she did, which included a lot of heavy lifting and stuff like that.  People would think she was a sissy because she looked nice, but her response was, "Don't underestimate my eyeliner."  There is a girl after my own heart :)

Another funny quote of the week, by Sister Allen as we were talking about the importance of baptism and the ways we want to help other people understand that, though really this is a summation of how not to do it, "I think we should terrify them first, then tell them how to not be peons on this earth through baptism."

We went tracting this week, on New Year's day and I got into more houses than I ever have in one tracting experience.  However, most of them were just nice people who felt bad for us in the cold and didn't want to talk about anything related to the gospel with us.  There was one really nice lady named R____ who is 95!  She lives on her own still and invited us in and gave us cookies.  Figuring it was too difficult to explain to her about Sister Allen's food allergy, we each took a cookie and I ate both of them ;) I would take a bite of mine, then when R____ wasn't looking Sister Allen would hand me a piece of hers.  Oh the things we do for our companions!  She sent us home with a bag of more of them that Brother Seyfi helped us out with :)

 I forgot to mention last week that my prophecy concerning Brother Baker came true.  He was our WML, he also had the same phone as us!  Not many people do.  When I went up to Cheyenne our WML up there had the same phone, so apparently this is a thing for the WML to have.  I came back and Brother Baker was still the WML, but then they switched over to smartphones and I said he would have to be released, and last Sunday he was!  That was unexpected, I was just joking.  Brother Dix is the new WML though which will be fun, I know him pretty well because I lived at their house the last time I was here :) We had a breakfast there on Saturday to talk about the missionary work and I think it went quite well.  He even got gluten-free oatmeal for my companion to have!

Last, and sort of least at this point, my birthday was this week!  For the first time that I can remember I did not wear a tiara on my birthday, but the Merrills did have a birthday hat for me when we were at their house for dinner ;) And we got to have a party since we had to be home at 6:30pm.  The Seyfis were gone at a party, so I put on my giraffe pajamas, we baked cake, blew up balloons (some of the glowy ones are still glowing!), popped some martinellis, and were just settling down to watch The Testaments when the doorbell rang.  I jumped up, then let Sister Allen get the door herself because, well, giraffe pajamas.  It was the Gees!  They were coming over to play games with us and the Seyfis!  So, giraffe pajamas and all I made an appearance ;) We had a fun evening together, including poppers provided by my marvelous mama!  It was a good day.

Hopefully you have all also had wonderful starts to the new year of 2015 and don't forget to include Heavenly Father when you make goals, he may have some ideas of what will help!

love, Sister Emily DeFord

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