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Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 35: 4/14/14

April 14, 2014
Longmont, CO
Do you know what today is?  No?  Good.  I would sort of rather forget as well, but I can't help it, so I took this picture while my hair was still wet this morning just so I wouldn't forget to have one for you.  (And so that I could change, because this isn't actually what I am wearing today, it is just the outfit designated for such pictures)

I really enjoyed hearing that you remembered TMFWD (anybody come up with some funny way to say the abbreviation yet?  All I've got is that FWD is also "forward").  I wore green both to service

(where we got a cake that was somewhat questionable so we smushed it instead of eating it ;) I mean really, how often do you get to do something like that?)
And while proselyting!

Are you impressed with the amount of green I can wear even though I didn't have anything green when I got here?  Dillard's had a closing out sale....
This week's color for Tuesday is My Favorite WeekDay (because I get to match you lovely family, and it seems that Sunday should be my favorite day in general--more on that in my testimony of the importance of exchanges!) will be blue!  Now, since I wear blue quite often, I am going to try and make it special tomorrow :)
Alright, let's see how far back I can remember this week.  I do not promise that this will be in chronological order :)
We got a couple of part-member family referrals from our Bishop in our meeting yesterday.  Yay for ward trust and great, inspired leaders!  Dad, do you remember when I would sometimes go to Priesthood with you instead of going to Primary?  Well I don't think I have been in a Priesthood meeting since the memorable time when whoever was conducting mentioned that you had an unusual guest...until yesterday!  Sister C and I were asked to teach Deacon's Quorum so we went to Priesthood opening exercises as well.  We sat in the back, but wouldn't you know it, the High Priest's Group Leader mentioned the two sisters in the room while giving his announcements!  Funny what things can make you feel right at home ;)
Want to know what happens when you talk to people about the gospel?  (Disclaimer: this may not occur exactly as listed in all cases, but I would be happy to make it happen for anyone who wishes) You get free donuts!  You see, there is this wonderful donut place in Longmont, that also has awesome, tasty bagels.  The very first time that Sister Z and I went there (so, many moons ago--see first picture) we talked to the man who worked there about what we do as missionaries and about the gospel!  He wasn't interested exactly, but thought it was pretty cool.  Since then I have been back a few times (the bacon avocado extreme melt on a cheesy bagel is just the best), with Sister Z, Sister C, and now Sister S!  As soon as we walked in this last time, he was excited to see us, we got to talk about the gospel again, as well as service, and he gave us free donuts with our sandwiches :) Who knows what things you say or do are going to be memorable?
So missionary exchanges (when a missionary leader changes companions for 24 hours to work with a different missionary whom they have responsibility for) are important for many reasons.  Though they are not to be used as an excuse to get away from a problem companion, they can be a good time to openly share concerns about a companion with mission leaders.  They are an excellent time for training.  They offer an opportunity for missionaries to learn more as they experience what happens in other areas.  Et cetera.  I had a lot of great experiences with Sister S on our last exchange (see: donuts) it also turns out however, that they have a woman whom they are working with who is confused about why we celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday instead of Saturday as was done in the Old Testament.
What a great question!  And that is one which an investigator in my area had as well so we were able to study on and I could share with Sister S what we learned!  For anyone who is curious (Being a missionary is cool because people bring up questions which I have never thought of and it gives me a great chance to learn more and thus grow my testimony.  In the case of what day the Sabbath is held on, my answer for myself, should nothing else be available, is that the day of the week isn't as key as the setting apart of one day out of seven to worship and focus more exclusively on God.)  When the resurrection of Jesus Christ occurred, it was on a Sunday (Easter, almost here!) and came to be called the "Lord's day".  In Acts chapter 20 (in the New Testament) it talks of the disciples gathering to a meeting which sounds very much like our current sacrament meeting.  From the time of the apostles leading the church after the ascension of Christ, Sabbath worship transitioned from Saturday to Sunday.
Speaking of Easter, a family in my ward happened to get confused and thought Easter was yesterday, and we were blessed to have Easter dinner with them a little early ;)
This week I discovered that an Elder in my zone will return home at the same time as me, and happens to be from Othello, WA so going home is really the same!  Everytime something like this comes up, it reminds me to do the most I can with the time I have because it grows ever shorter and not enough!
Other highlights of the week.  T prayed with us for the first time ever!  She was worried that she would mess up in the middle, so we asked her to write out a prayer that she could say, and she did!  It was beautiful and incredible.  Little by little, hearts soften and open to the Spirit and the light of the gospel.
Sister C and I tried 'Spirit walking'.  This is something which one of my former district leaders, Elder J, and one of the Elders he trained and is now a district leader, Elder S, can't say enough good things about.  Basically, they go out to find, and rely completely on the Spirit for what they are going to do.  It was a cool time for me to practice listening to the Spirit, and learn more about how I receive promptings, plus, we found a new investigator!  If we will listen, we will realize there is more help out there than we have been utilizing ;)
Utilize it :) Heavenly Father wants to help you!
love, Sister Emily DeFord
Three perfect peas in a pod!  Look, the first one is you, the middle one is me, and the third one is the Holy Ghost!

that is snow.  In April.  It was in the 70s the day before.

This is a river?  Look how little this bridge is!

trough night!

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