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Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 37: 4/28/14

April 28, 2014
Longmont, CO (for the last least for now!)
Funny thing about being a missionary.  Since you have already been set apart as a missionary, you have already agreed to any other calling/assignment which you may be asked to fill.  Due to that, sometimes they forget to do the asking ;) Sometimes I wonder if it is because they are worried I will try to say no ;) But not really.  I love being a missionary and I will try to do anything that I am asked, as well as many things on my own.
That's right, transfer doctrine is in!  We will apply to Alma 22:4 (in the Book of Mormon) for our phraseology: the Spirit of the Lord has called Sister DeFord another way, away from Longmont.
[Mom, for some reason the pictures won't attach to this email, can you put them in for me?  Haha really just leaving you hanging!]

So the full news is that Sister C and I are being swept out, me to Wyoming and her across the street (literally) to the Mountain View ward!  Elders are being swept in to our ward, one of them being Elder H who until tomorrow is one of our ZLs in the Left Hand Creek ward.  He will be training, since apparently Ute Creek is a good ward for babies ;) Hermana J is being transferred to Virginia/dying/going home!  And Hermana E is returning to the Ute Creek ward from Boulder to serve with Hermana S.
What is something to make you feel good about transfers?  B and P!  They are the ones who it will be hardest to leave, but I have no doubts about them continuing to progress, even if they aren't happy about the Elders (sorry Elders, nothing personal).  B is ready to swim in the water, though it is still a long road ahead, and together they are overcoming P's concerns.  Both of them are so open to feel the Spirit.  Honestly, I hope to be like them someday!
Lest you think this week has been all about transfers (it hasn't, only the past two days as we have tried to pack/say goodbye/write extra notes all over our area book so the Elders can take care of our people properly) hmm...I can't actually remember what happened this week...
Ah!  The Sisters remind me that we went to Estes Park on Monday, which means the OUR Center had a barbecue for us on Tuesday.  On Thursday S (soon to be a Sister herself in Illinois!) came out with us and worked miracles.  We were only able to go to three people's houses in the time she was out with us because ALL of them were home.  That never happens, especially with the people we were trying to see, so we had an awesome afternoon.  Friday and Saturday we got to do some great yard work and on Saturday I think we did some awesome contacting!  A few weeks ago (not sure if I told you) we met a guy named L who seemed like a great potential investigator, gave him a Book of Mormon, set an appointment.  It turns out that he does not live at the place where we thought he did so every once in a while we go to where we met him and try to find him.
This last time we prayed that we would be able to find him, or be able to meet someone new and say the right things to introduce them to the gospel.  Just as we were finishing up there and about to leave for our next appointment, there is a man outside flying a kite with his daughter.  We went up and talked to him, and were able to talk about the possibility of eternal families.  His daughter loved that and said it was exactly what she wanted.  Prayers are answered if we will be brave enough to follow, one step at a time, the guidance we receive.  That experience made transfers a little sadder, since the Elders will be the ones at that appointment next week, but maybe we were the ones in the right place to find them, and the Elders will be the right ones to teach them.
Also, Elders can be awkward.  That is okay though, I too have decided to embrace all the awkwardness of missionary life (though sometimes I still need help being brave enough to, that is why we have companions!  And pep talks, I can talk myself into all kinds of things)
Tune in next week for the move to Cheyenne!  Cowboys here I come!  [Dad insert picture ;)]
love, Sister Emily DeFord
Emily and Sister S.

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