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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 51: 8/4/14

Editor's Note: We got only a token email today on p-day, but a nice snail mail later in the week. Unfortunately that threw off my groove and I got a little behind on the blog. Enjoy

Weekly Report
Cheyenne, WY
August 4, 2014

Dear Fambly,
Old school weekly report here we go! Hopefully this and the sd card get to you with no problems. This should have all the pictures since the last time I sent one home? I know I had you put all the pictures on the one you sent back, but you still have a copy at home, right?

Funny thing about people—we often manage to mess up perfectly good systems. We have literally been waiting months to get a large print Book of Mormon for J___, and it turns out there has been one all along in the clerk’s office! So happily, we were able to deliver that to her this week, now she may be able to progress a little better.

An exchange with Hermana Smith this week, no Vaseline this time :-) She is coming up on the end of her mission, so we talked about what habits or traits she has acquired as a missionary that she wants to continue with at home. It made me reflect on the same thing, where will Emily and Sister DeFord meet at home?
Then I think, I’ll worry about it later :-) Plenty of time left! And not enough at all.

The exchange had to end a bit early since we ended up having interviews with President Brown. Talked to him a lot this week actually, interviews, MLC, phone tag all weekend to ask what to do about our Spanish investigators…theoretically this will be a quieter week ;-)

It was wonderful to see so many sisters I love at MLC! Plus, there are quite a few sisters there who love Sister Carbno which just makes me happy :-) She is still in Longmont, in the Mountain View ward and doing very well it seems. She did tell me that P__ quit investigating for some reason :-( I’m not giving up hope though, just learning more patience!

Here is the interesting plot for the week. On Tuesday, Elder Hanks and Elder Clay (our zone leaders) met a woman named K____ who said she wanted the missionaries over. She just moved here but is less active, they met her at the library. They got her information and passed it along to us on Wednesday at district meeting. On Friday we met her. Apparently her dad was LDS and her mom was RLDS. Mostly she went to the LDS church though, growing up. Then she married a Catholic and her daughters were baptized Catholic, but never really went to church. Got her information (as well as a referral to her daughter and gave a Book of Mormon to her friend :-)) so we could order her records. Saturday the plot thickens. Brother Walker can’t find her records. We get a maiden name and a middle name, still nothing. New investigator?

And finally, we met a man yesterday named J___ who decided to call me Henry because my last name is Ford :-)

Love, Sister Henry DeFord

p.s. I have been having a discussion with myself about how we can be “devastated” (Preach My Gospel page 8) but not “discouraged” (Preach My Gospel page 10). I have some ideas, but do you have any thoughts?

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