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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Week 65: 11/10/14

November 10, 2014
Winter Wonderland
Dear DeFrods,
Not infrequently as I type just enough of the email to send this to I mix up our name and we get defrauded every week ;)
So on the last Monday, previous to this Monday, as in the Monday when the email last received from me was sent, after the sending of said email, we had a crazy p-day.  Just busy and crazy where you get to the end actually relieved for p-day to be over so you can stop trying to get done all sorts of things that just aren't going to all happen on the same day.  Sometimes I like those p-days because then I appreciate the rest of the week more ;)
Anywho, that evening things were not working out exactly as planned (which happens every day.  In fact, there was one day on my mission that things actually did go as planned and that was so surprising and noteworthy that it was the only thing I wrote in my journal that day. "Today, surprisingly, everything went as planned.  Weird.") and we thought, hey, let's randomly text that guy who we randomly met on the street two months ago and randomly texted us three weeks ago.  Yeah, let's text him and see if we can set up an appointment!
So we did.
And he texted us back.
So we set up an appointment!  Really phenomenal*, super excited and then he didn't show up :( Turns out, he slept right through it, he just started working nights and isn't used to it yet, but that is okay, we are rescheduling!
Got to have exchanges with Sister Jarvis and we had quite a bit of fun.  When we went out to contact a potential investigator we ended up standing by the street, talking to a man who had been loading things in his car.  Then some random guy drives up and stops next to us and starts telling us how he just bought his car and he loves it so much because he is old school and he had a newer car, but then saw this one in the lot and just had to have it.  Neither we, nor the man we were talking to, knew this guy.  He was sure happy about his car though!  That is when you know you've made a good purchase, when you just get happier about it the more you think about it, and finally you are so happy that you have to tell the first people who you see or else you might burst.  I think that is what happened ;)
My companion is a really happy person.  Seriously, she enjoys every aspect of life, especially sleeping apparently ;) Speaking of being so happy that you might burst, sometimes you just have to laugh to relieve the pressure of all the happiness right?  I was woken up one morning this week by my Sister Grammer laughing so hard that she eventually woke herself up as well.  Yep, she is so happy that she was laughing in her sleep!  Her thoughts on the situation, "I think there have been very few times in my life when I have woken up so jovial!"
We had a really fun "Fabulous Friday" Relief Society activity this week.  Lots of people came, we did crafts, I learned how to make jalapeno jelly, and it was overall a lot of good happy things!
Apparently the idea of making the jalapeno jelly came because Sister Aguirre isn't super crafty, but had to come up with a craft to do at Fabulous Friday.  She is really good in the kitchen though.  And she started making it because then she uses it for homemade montecristo (sp?) sandwiches which she made for us on Sunday and they were delicious!  Then we helped her bake three different kinds of cake that she was going to take to work today, and tell everyone that the missionaries helped her make them ;)
Have a happy week!  TMFWD: black
love, Sister Emily DeFord
*Phenomenal.  A word used by a couple we had dinner with so much that it was ridiculous ;) I have decided to use this word now in place of awesome, which I say too much.  So I am going to use the word phenomenal too much, but at least it isn't the same overused word as everyone else overuses ;) Except the Aitkens.
Baking with Sister Aguirre!

Feasting on the scriptures ;)

Looks just like home!  Driving out to dinner in the country
Sister Jarvis and I went to Sonic with Sister Atchley to celebrate Sister Jarvis' 11 month mark :)

Taco salad!  Yum, trough night style

We are kind of strange :)

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