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Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 67: 11/24/14

November 24, 2014
Cheyenne, WY

Well, I have told several of you individually that I am being transferred, but unless I messed up, I didn't tell any of you where I am going ;) You will have to guess, you have until next week when it is revealed on the Weekly Report!  The first person to email me a correct guess before I email next week will get a prize!

I will tell you, Sister Grammer and I are being swept our of Corner Stone ward, and Elders are sweeping in.  They aren't going to have Elders and Sisters share wards anymore, so Sister Grammer will be ward hopping to accommodate that with her new STL companion.  I am being released as a STL and will go back to training with a sister who has been out for one transfer already.  We are being swept in to our new ward and I am super excited about it.  Probably going to die in my next area according to what President Brown told me. (Editor's Note: "Die" means be done with your mission and go home, she only has this transfer and one more before that exciting day!)
So that is all you get ;)

Saying goodbye to this ward so far has been tough.  There are so many amazing people here!  It really is a close family, because the only people who come to church are ones who work really hard to be there, and they all lift and bless and help each other.  Facebook friends and visiting after the mission for sure!

I will really miss living with the Russells as well.  Best missionary set up ever!  Plus, we get to talk to Carter basically every morning.  Even Brutus will be missed, as slobbery and smelly as he is :) Haha Brutus loves to sniff us down after we get home from the animal shelter.  It is funny, because he is almost always outside in the front yard when we get home.  So he sees us, barks a lot, then runs up to the front door and asks to be let in so he can meet us at the back door and sniff our shins while we try to get downstairs.  This week, we decided to race him, and we won!  (To picture Brutus, imagine Charles from Space Jam)  Made it to the apartment just before he got down the stairs :)
We probably smelled especially delicious that day because we got to play with ferrets at the animal shelter!  So much fun!  Wouldn't want to have one for a pet, but they were pretty entertaining for an hour.

Also, we broke the car this week, but then we fixed it.  Elder Holley doesn't even know.  We parked the car at the car wash last p-day so we could vacuum it, and the wind took the door from my hand and bounced it open.  So hard that a spring popped out of the door and moved a different piece out of place.  Sister Grammer managed to find the spring, and we studied the other door to see how it fit in the door.  Managed to get the spring in the door, but couldn't move the other piece back in place.  Luckily, we were at the car wash, where they have things like crowbars that the nice person behind the desk will let you borrow.  So we got it fixed and froze our fingers off because a very COLD wind was blowing, and without the spring, we couldn't close the door.  It is all okay though, we thawed out again and went on with out day :)

Well, we have a lunch appointment that we will be late to if I don't sign off, but I will add a couple of pictures for you!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy guessing!

love, Sister Emily DeFord

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