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Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 68: 12/1/14

December 1, 2014
Longmont, CO

Michael is the winner!  Though Longmont popped up on a couple of other people's guesses, it was his first and only guess.  Prize to be mailed shortly :)

I am back in the good old Ute Creek ward!  It is a happy place to be for the holidays and I really love my companion so even though it was a crazy whirlwind first week I think it will be super good here.  That promise about the Holy Ghost bringing all things to our remembrance is one that I am super excited about and grateful for because I have remembered most of the streets and such and we haven't gotten lost yet!

The ward shrunk since the last time I was here, there was a boundary change where the northern part was cut off so it is even smaller than before (which I didn't realize until going up to Cheyenne how small the ward down here was, geography-wise).  So there are a few faces missing, but a few new ones have moved in and that is happy!  The size is also nice because my companion and I are without a car for the time being.  If any of you email me about not wanting me to be out walking after dark I will not be amused, the entire ward has been telling us about it and we had a very hard time having a lesson with J____ last night (still going to church!  Yes!) because he is also concerned about it.  Actually, when we tried to set up a weekly appointment with him he said, "Not until you have a car." We got him to come around because we promised we would get rides ;) Being swept in has been much easier since I have been here before, and I know where not to walk after dark so I promise we will be safe, and if we go to Jesse's house we will get a ride.

Already being up in Cheyenne feels like so long ago, but I really hope those Elders are taking good care of the ward up there!  Saying goodbye was tough, but it's not forever so that is okay :)

Do you want to hear about my transfer day adventures?  Here we go!

Finished packing, picked up Sister Grammer's new phone and apartment key.

Moved her stuff into the apartment, which didn't stink like boy, but definitely smelled like boy

Dropped me off at the stake center to get on the transfer van

Rode the transfer van to Laramie

Waited a really long time because someone who was supposed to get on the van wasn't there

Rode the van down to Loveland

Met Sister Allen!

Put some of our stuff in another set of Sisters' car who would be driving us down to Longmont, they didn't have space for all of it so we had to leave some in the Ute Creek Hermana's car for the next day

Drove down to Longmont to the Seyfi's house!

Turns out we wouldn't be living at the Seyfi's house until Friday.  Also unknown where our phone and house key to the Roper's house was and unknown if we had a car or not.

Finally figure all stuff out, get phone and area book and key.

Stay at Seyfi's house that night anyway :)

Move to Roper's house Wednesday morning.

Do a lot of walking and meet some great people!  Re-meet some people from before.

It was a crazy time :) It really has been great though and I cannot express how amazing the Seyfi's in particular and the ward in general has been in helping us out and just being welcoming!

Plus, all the walking has helped me sleep really, really well :)

I love you all a lot and am happy to be in December!  24 days until Christmas!

TMFWD: think pink!

love, Sister Emily DeFord


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