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Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 78: 2/9/15

February 9, 2015
Longmont, CO

There are certain experiences which most missionaries have, but every mission is different, so you really never know what might happen.  Apparently one of the experiences which I need to have, just barely got it snuck in here, is to be in a trio!  Welcome to Longmont Sister Jensen!

That is the pretend sign that we might have thought about making, but as happens with such surprise transfers, it was a surprise ;) We found out yesterday afternoon that someone was coming (just after we found out that we are also moving this week) and when she arrived a few hours later we discovered who it was!  Super excited though, Sister Jensen was trained in the Capital Hill ward in Cheyenne while I was in Corner Stone so I know she is great, the only trouble is......

I don't know who to look at during companion study!

But if that is our only problem (and it probably will be) then everything will be dandy :)

Backing up to the pre-crisis mode, still-pretending-there-is-all-the-time-in-the-world part of the week:

We saw Z___!  Seriously plans A-W fell through, so what did we do?  Go with the one more thing that came to mind.  And what happened?  We got to talk to our investigator who has been MIA!  He was going to be wrapping up some legal stuff last week, after which his schedule should open up a lot so we get to talk to him today and I am so excited!

Interesting that just last week in a Sunday School class there was a discussion about how God doesn't do 'plan B'.  It is always 'plan A' for him, regardless of whether it is what we think should have been 'plan A'.  So I find that comforting as well when we have times that I think we are on 'plan W', He has known what to do all the time and it was all part of the plan.

Some sad news on the teenage investigator front, when you are still in high school it is possible to be grounded for forever so then meeting with the missionaries isn't an option either....but, B______ got to come to mutual several times first, so now she knows the kids from the ward who go to her school, and she has a Book of Mormon, so that is hopeful!

Happy news on the teenage investigator front, J____ has been reading in the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church!  There is a young man from the ward who is in his class at school and so his family is going to bring J_____ to church.  In fact, they went over and met him all on their own, which I think is super cool.

As per usual, we laughed a ton this week!  Particularly at the YMCA while painting with Miles when he called my companion evil (jokingly), reaffirmed that I am a redhead (we have been trying to convince him for weeks that I am not) and told us "Deception is cool".  Really excited about that too because we are going over to his house to see his wedding video and Sister Allen hasn't been able to meet Rosa (his wife) yet.  Should be great :)

To end with, some great quotes on agency and our natural rebellion against restriction of our agency:

"You're 'moving me'?  What, am I a piano?" -Sister Moore

"You can tell me what to do but not how or when to do it.  You only get one of the three." -Sister Griffin, quoting her husband

This week is going to be a blast!

love, Sister Emily DeFord
Sister Allen and I made each other Valentines ;)

Sister Allen, Sister DeFord, Sister Jensen

Random snowman we found (no we didn't build it, yes it made us think of the song from Frozen which I know almost all of the words to thanks to Sister Allen)

Sister Allen had a dream after we went here that our whole zone went to Menchies and President Brown was there and got up on the counter to say that all the frozen yogurt was gluten and dairy free!  Haha if only

Sister DeFord at FroYo

This sweet little girl is being baptized on Saturday with her family in Utah.  Her family is active and everything, but they wanted her to take the missionary lessons so she could be sure this is something that she personally wants to do.  It has been so fun to spend time with their family over the past couple of months!

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