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Called to serve as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Colorado Fort Collins mission.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 24, 2013

So this has been a great week, Sister Astle and I have been doing two discussions a day with our practice investigators and they have gotten SO much better.  Some days have been frustrating as we teach a lesson in the morning and then find out in class in the afternoon how we SHOULD have taught it, but we apply those things to our next lesson and just keep going :) And a few times we have learned things in class that we have already started practicing through experience and learning by the Spirit and that has been SUPER cool :)


So I don't see a ton of people I know because there aren't as many of us over at West Campus (btw yes the Dear Elders have gotten to me, I really appreciate them! Also, they said pretty soon West Campus will actually have MORE people than the main campus, crazy!) but Elder Cameron Price from BYU is here, Elder Nelson from home is in my zone, I ran into Sister Dahlke's grandson, saw Sister Marissa Miller at choir for the devotional (which was way way cool, they said there were somewhere between 1400-1600 missionaries in the choir! We sang Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer and I loved it!) and I love all of the Elders and Sisters in our zone!  Our teachers are super awesome, Brother Holmquist looks like Harrison Ford and Brother Crandall who does our zone teaching always makes that an incredible experience!


We get to go to the temple today and I am so excited because I have missed it since being at the MTC and it's nice to have a P-day (which stands for naP-day :) since that means our schedule won't get messed up since we don't have planned activities for most of the day.  As they still are trying to get things set up and figured out over here at West Campus our schedule gets changed all the time and our District often ends up confused and late to everything!  But we get there :) 


It's been weird the few times we have gone up to Cougar Chapel, which is right by the Stadium, or up to the Marriott center to be at school but not.  It's so good though.  Also, they have built us a cafeteria over here (chocolate milk three times a day! Yay!) but they are just starting construction on a gym so currently we play basketball in the parking lot every day.  Yesterday it rained during our gym time and that was actually the most fun day!  Also, Sister Clark is a basketball beast so some days she and I just shoot instead of playing a game with the Elders (we usually switch companions for gym time because our companions aren't so excited about running around for an hour) and I have actually managed to make some shots outside the 3-point line!


I'm happy, I love you.  Katie's minions are awesome!  Good luck to her and Heather for getting jobs.  Katie Slinn, I got your Dear Elder and I will write soon :) I will try and keep up with letters, it sounds like you are all doing well though and I am so glad :) (Michael this is a nudge to write me a letter, and draw me an octopus so I can put it up in my room in Colorado) I'll be out there in two days!
Love, Sister Emily DeFord
Katie is Daryl's wife (Emily's sister-in-law)
She designed and crocheted these minions. Aren't they cute?


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