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Called to serve as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Colorado Fort Collins mission.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

8/28/13: First Email from Longmont, CO

We got to fly to Denver, which means I got up at 2:40am on Monday and spent the next hour running around because the check out information we had received was a tad inaccurate, given that it is meant for people checking out at Main Campus :) Oh well, I'm starting to get used to all the running around. Our Farmington Elders happened to be flying out at the same time so we got to ride to the airport with them and hang out at the airport before we all said goodbye again (for about the 5th time, because they kept popping up wherever we went).  President and Sister Brown met us at the Denver airport and drove us back to the mission office for some training and lunch before we went to meet our new companions.  It was a little bit odd for them because the date confusion left us arriving in Fort Collins the week after the regular transfer cycle.  Everyone in the office is great though, and because we missed P-day (which is Monday here) by just getting here, and our trainers missed it by coming to pick us up, we get to email today!  We only have half an hour on the computers at the library (at the MTC we got an hour) so I would love to get real letters and respond to them :) All of my mail/packages should be sent to the Mission Office and they will forward it to me, but they can only forward packages that are sent USPS priority mail, or else I have to wait until someone happens to be able to bring the package to my area.
Speaking of which, I am in the Longmont Ute Creek ward with Sister Zvirzdin as my companion (her name is from Lithuania!) she is from New York and has 7 brothers.  We also get to work with Sister England and Sister Martinez a little bit (who live next door which is way fun) because they are doing Spanish teaching and they just decided to split the ward into Spanish and English so Sister Z and I are technically in a new area, sort of.  She was in Mountain View ward before, which shares a border with Ute Creek so she knows the area a little bit, but in some ways both of us are new!  Sister Z has been out for 8 months, but is trying not to think about it.  We don't have any investigators right now which is a bummer, but we are going around and meeting the ward and some of the less actives so that is good.  We do have a car which is way nice, but I get to be the backer upper ;) Also yesterday we got to start out with some service at Our Center which is a food bank type thing and that was way fun, but now my hands are covered in sharpie :) 5 companionships in the district were there so I'm starting to recognize people a little bit.  Our first district meeting is today!
I love you all so much, It's great to be out here and learning more and meeting people.  Sister Z said she might even take me tracting today ;) only if our other plans fall through.  Have a great weeek!  I will check back on Monday :)
love, Sister Emily DeFord

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