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Called to serve as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Colorado Fort Collins mission.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

9/3/13: Happy Labor Day

This week is better than last so far ;) if this kind of improvement keeps up all of Colorado will be baptized by the time I come home! (ha or not quite, but I did extend my first actual baptismal challenge on Sunday, he didn't accept but we are meeting with him again this week)

So I don't have super long on the computer (because we have an appointment, I actually could have more internet time than originally thought, but never seem to have enough time in the day for it) but I will work on a real letter for the week :) I got your card and that was perfect timing because it came after a rough day, but things are going better (I was just frustrated with never being able to talk to anyone because no one was ever home!) and we have found a few potential investigators (the appointment today).  I have definitely noticed some tender mercies for when I am down that pick me right back up again.  So overall things are going well, Sister Z is great, the hermanas are wonderful, we went up to Estes for p-day yesterday and we are getting to know the ward which has the coolest people in it!  One thought to ponder, at dinner last night Sister Doherty said if our sacrament meetings don't smell like smoke, we aren't doing our job!  She thinks that was in conference once upon a time.  I guess we really need to get to work. 

I'm working on a few phrases in Spanish and the hermanas have promised to teach us more, so far I have "we are misssionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" and "we can know the Book of Mormon is true if we pray". I can muddle my way partly understanably through those anyway.  Mostly if we run into someone Spanish speaking we do as best as we can and get a referral for the hermanas.  All four of us are eating dinner together almost every night so we get there and start trading referrals :) it's fun.  Oh and we are living with members, right next door to where the hermanas live!  Also, Sister Clark from my district at the MTC is in my zone so I see her around also which is awesome.  The ward is fun, we are finding our way around the area and are finally getting some lessons in too :)

love Sister Emily DeFord

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