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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

9/9/13: I got the package :-)

I got the package!  it was like Christmas!  I particularly like the fruit snack package stuffing :) The cookies are good, a bit crumbly but delicious :) Things are going well here.  We are trying to use our area book to contact former investigators and potentials because we didn't really start out with much for investigators, and tracting is always fun ;) A cool thing happened the other day actually where we were out at about 8:40 or so, tired and really ready to be done, but we decided to try one more person.  Out came the area book.  There was a former investigator named M____ who caught our eye and lived not too far away so we decided to try her.  We went to her house, met a man outside who told us she was home just go knock on the door.  We did and told her who we were.  She actually smiled when we said we were missionaries (a lot of the less actives and potentials who we manage to catch at home are somewhat less than excited to see us) and told us she was glad we stopped by and wants to talk with us!  What!  It wasn't a good time then since she had kids in the bath and putting them to bed, but we are going to talk to her today!  Ah so excited!
On Friday I actually got to drive for the first time, since Sister Z is one of the sister training leaders along with Sister T (who is Sister C's trainer) and they had a meeting so Sister C and I were companions for most of the day!  Since they took Sister T's car, I got the keys for ours for the day ;) By the way, our car is one of the nicest ones I have ever been in.  It is a 2013 blue Chevy Cruze.  The hermanas think Sister C and I cheated because we didn't teach any lessons together as greenies, but we have exchanges again this Friday and I don't think we will be able to manage that again!  We had our study time together and then basically did service all day.  We started out with the Inn Between remodel for two hours, had lunch, and then went to the YMCA to shovel manure into piles for two more hours!  We heard in the morning about a nonmember who needed help moving into Sister C's area, so after YMCA we went over to her house to unload the moving truck until our companions got back.  We did talk to her about the gospel (it was a QGC, ask Dad) so I think we weren't really cheating :)
I am really really grateful for the ward we are in and how involved the members are willing to be.  We have called people up a couple of times last minute to see if they could go to discussions with us, and we always find someone who can make a little time for us.  It has been way fun to have dinners with some of the Spanish members this week (all four of us sisters are going to dinner appointments together, did I say that already?)  Sister M is in heaven on those nights because it is the food she grew up with and she loves talking Spanish to the members.  She loves telling about her first night in the field when she was given a sloppy joe and had no idea what it was or what to do with it!  Sister M is from LA, but her dad is from El Salvador and her mom is Guatemalan.  Sister Z and I mostly smile and nod for those dinner appointments, but we catch on to a little bit of what is going on :)
Have you posted my mission address on facebook?  I love the return address stickers dad made for me!  The giraffe ones are super cute :) but the temple ones are good too for when I want to give the impression that I am a grown up ;)
So Sister Z and I made a goal to give out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon a week (besides to the hermanas and ZLs who keep taking ours).  We made that goal last Wednesday and gave out 2!  This week we will get all 3 :)
I love you, and pray for you, and think about you, but I'm staying focused and working as much as I can :)
Have a great week!  Let me know what things are happening, even the small stuff :)
love, Sister Emily DeFord

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