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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

9/30/13: Staying in Ute Creek

We haven't had any MORE flooding thank goodness, the excitement for this week was one of the Spanish Sisters, Sister M, went to the hospital and ended up having her gallbladder taken out.  Yikes!  Oh, and transfers are on Tuesday so on Saturday we found out what is happening and Sister Z and I are staying together in Ute Creek English!  Sister M was supposed to go up to Cheyenne and train a greenie, but for now we get to keep both of them and we will have 6 sisters in the Ute Creek Ward :) Because she was in the hospital though, I spent the morning with her so her companion could leave for a while and email and take care of things, so my email time is a bit short today, but I will be sending my SD card, with my pictures for the transfer and pictures I got from other missionaries, this week so hopefully that will make up for the short emails! 

I can't believe you replaced me again!  (Editor's Note: We had a kitten show up in the bushes underneath our kitchen window. We looked for his family and couldn't find it. She has moved right into our hearts and home)

Sounds like a cute kitten though :) Maybe I will forgive Angel, as long as he doesn't chew my shoes like Dolly did ;)  We got to go to mutual this week with the Mia Maids to help with Missionary Olympics :) it was great to get to know more of the youth in the ward!

We are hearing through the grapevine that we will get to start doing church tours also!  I hope that comes soon!  (Sooner than our long-rumored but yet to arrive iPads.  Sidenote: at zone conference President B was talking about iPads, and made a comment which I don't remember if it was his or from one of the other mission presidents who was in the MTC with them about how are we going to trust these missionaries with iPads?  I kind of wondered that too, but the response was that they are going to have to trust us with all of these technologies and influences when we go home from our missions, and then we will have no white handbook or mission president to go by.  President B tells us he doesn't just want to help us and prepare us on our missions, but he wants to be our mission president for our lives.  To be able to go home and be good people and good members and still good missionaries!  I think that is pretty cool).  Also, transfers came out and I am staying in Ute Creek with Sister Z!  Sister C, who came out with me, will be training a greenie!  Ah!  Good luck to her :) But she will be awesome, she is a great missionary and well prepared.

I came up with the perfect visual to illustrate what the neighborhoods look like where we have been emptying everyone's basements.  You know that episode of Monk where the garbage men go on strike and he kind of has a breakdown and then the chief takes him to the clean room?  Well the flooded neighborhoods look a bit like that :)

We went to the post office and should have fixed the letter problem, I got letters from Grandpa and Hollaye and Nick so I am not sure why yours are still getting returned :( Sister Z and I tried to bring a cat home with us the other day didn't work out ;)

We are doing our best to stay safe with the mold and all the junk, I did get my first flood wound!  But it was just a nail in my finger, not too deep, but I did check when my tetanus shot was ;) good thing we updated it before I came out!

Sorry this is so short, but ttfn!

I love you a lot and everyone at home, and I pray for you.

Take lots of deep breaths in the middle of all the craziness.

And read your scriptures.

One last note even though I am already late, but when I was sitting with Sister M and she was in pain, and then on meds for it we were talking about the gospel and hearing her strong testimony and love of the scriptures, even in the middle of what she is dealing with was awesome.  Incredible experience for me, even if she doesn't remember it.

Okay, love you, bye-bye!

Love, Sister Emily DeFord

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