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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

9/23/13: Lots of Work to Do

Thanks for all of the updates :) I will attach a few pictures and probably send my sd card home at the end of the transfer.  We find out our marching orders for transfers on Friday.  I am really hoping that we stay put.  You are right about there being a lot of work to be done!  And apparently the rain hasn't stopped yet, even though some areas already got a years worth of precipitation in 3 days!  The cranky old man on Friday is where I spent almost ALL day.  He had 8 to 12 inches of mud in his fully furnished walk-up basement.  Yikes!  I just heard that Sarah is training for her second transfer starting out next week!

I think us missionaries are popping up on quite a few facebook pages, but I couldn't tell you who most of the people are who are posting them :) that's one way to spread the gospel though!  You will have to start attaching pictures too so I can still recognize everyone when I get back ;) I am probably ready for the winter stuff, if we can get this post office thing figured out, the seasons seem to change quickly here!

(Editor's note: I received a phone call on Saturday night from the stake president's wife in Colorado. She talked about what wonderful work the missionaries were doing and how hard they were working! She said that her husband had gone out to canvas the damage in a neighborhood of elderly people. He went door to door to see who needed help, etc.

At one home, a man came out of the house just mad at everyone and everything, yelling and swearing, etc. The stake president talked to him about needs and went on to the next home. Thursday morning he woke early and felt a strong impression that this man needed help and needed it before the Saturday work project that was being set up. He arranged for 10-ish missionaries to show up at his home on Friday morning. The man was still rude and angry, but the missionaries got to work in the basement--bringing up furniture, mud carpet, etc. The stake president stopped by at lunchtime to check on things and the man asked if he would go for a walk with him. The man had a completely different demeanor and talked about the missionaries working so hard and singing. They had a good discussion and the man was so grateful for the help.)

Outside the G. Home

Longmont Main Street


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