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Friday, June 13, 2014

Week 43: 6/9/14

June 9, 2014
Cheyenne, WY
Sorry about the not very good email last week!  I have learned to type faster but just not fast enough!  Plus maybe I was distracted because I wanted to talk to (email with) my mom and look at cute baby happens :)
Well then, for the big news: I am staying in the Corner Stone ward in Cheyenne for another transfer!  My companion however, is going over to the Cheyenne East stake, so close and yet so far.  My new companion will be Sister Christensen who I have spent a couple of hour long car rides with so she isn't completely unknown to me.  Funny thing about being a missionary though, just because you aren't being transferred, doesn't mean you don't have to move.  So I am packing again!  New start with a new companion right?
Well for the past week we have done lots of things.  Generally I resort to using both my planner (things that actually happened) and my journal (how I felt about things that happened) in order to report on said happenings.  However, having transitioned to a new planner, we shall have to rely on journal and memory, so mostly how I felt about the week.
First off, I was very sad that my black pen with which I usually write in my journal inexplicably quit working.  However, I have switched over to blue gel pen and am quite happy with that!  Also, it is amazing how activities tend to occur at the same time and for some reason, though I keep trying to disprove this, there is a limit to how many things we can do/events we can be at/people we can see within a certain space of time.  However, we did get to go to one of B____ and S_____'s baseball games this week, which they have been inviting us to for weeks and seems to always be the thing which doesn't fit in the time we have.
As we found the baseball fields, we really had no idea which one they were on.  I told Sister Linsenmann I was hoping that B____ and S_____'s mom would see the two strange people who were wearing skirts to a baseball game and come find us.  Sure enough, as soon as we called her she told us she could see us and we got to watch the first two innings!
As a missionary I have come to really enjoy both praying myself, even in groups, and hearing other people pray!  It is an amazing thing :) My favorite is when someone talks to Heavenly Father honestly, instead of with their 'prayer mode' on like sometimes happens when we pray in groups.  To some extent that is understandable, because there is a difference in what we would share in a personal, private prayer than with other people, but we should still be honest and thoughtful even when we pray aloud with others.
We had a great Relief Society activity this week.  The kind where we could do the project and sit and visit at the same time and some great fellowshipping went on!
One of my favorite parts of this week, it is a little long.  One of our investigators was going to watch a baptism on Friday, but she ended up not being able to go so instead we went contacting some of the people we don't know in the ward.  We met N____ and S____ (mom and Daughter) who are two less active members.  N____ at first said it was due to health problems.  S____ then mentioned that they may be looking into other churches.  They have been studying the Bible and watching some televangelists I guess.  I had the opportunity to teach about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in five minutes (something which we have been encouraged to practice and learn how to do, we have been trying and it worked in beautifully!)  N____ was nodding right along agreeing to everything and I hesitated only a moment before the actual restoration part, and she nodded with that too!  They have not been reading the Book of Mormon, and S____ made a big deal about looking for God's word and God's word only.  I affirmed my testimony that the Book of Mormon is also the word of God.
The Book of Mormon is the word of God.  The Bible is the word of God.  There is no competition between them, and no conflict because they support each other as they both testify of Jesus as the Son of God and Savior of the world.  That is the important point, not the book, but that Jesus is the Christ.  He is.
They both asked for Book of Mormons to be able to read it again and try it out.  It happened to be pouring buckets outside, and we only had one Book of Mormon, so we ran to the car through the rain and got soaked, but it was totally worth it :)
Don't forget TMFWD!  This week it shall be.....gray!
love, Sister Emily DeFord
Sister Linsenmann and I!  Did I send that already?
Black for last week's TMFWD
The Wheatland sisters made Elder Baddley a grave cake (he dies tomorrow), complete with scary baby head and hands that Hermana Cropper and I have found at the thrift store while doing service
Sister Linsenmann and I both gots curly hair!  Her all the time, me because we were out in the rain
And crazy faces! 
Sister Linsenmann, you are being transferred, but you will still be in Cheyenne for Frontier Days!

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