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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Week 47: 7/7/14

July 7, 2014
Cheyenne, WY
Funny story.  Sister Christensen and I had dinner with a family last Monday who have two little boys and a little girl.  We were just talking before dinner, when a small arm goes around my waist and Lucas says, "I want to sit by this one!" and looks up making eyes at me.  I look over at my companion who is sitting 3 feet away to see if she is seeing what is happening, just in time to see Bowen (who is 3) lean around and kiss Sister Christensen!  My shoulders were shaking so hard from trying not to laugh out loud :) As soon as we left the house and started driving I had to pull over almost immediately because I was laughing too hard to drive!  Just an hour in the life of a missionary, you never know what to expect!
This week I had some interesting self-reflective conversations with myself (who else) and am learning more all the time about what I am doing well and where I can still work on!  Just today we got an email from President Brown telling us we will be having a mission conference with Elder Cook in September which we have two months to prepare for.  I am sure going to be preparing!  I would much rather receive further guidance about how we can elevate the mission more, than be chastised for not doing things we have already been told.  The Colorado Fort Collins Mission has been improving as a whole though.  That was something we saw at zone conference and discussed at our last MLC Mission Leader Conference?).  As Sister Carbno would say though, we can't get comfortable!
Speaking of MLC, the drive down to Loveland was rather uneventful.  On the drive back up we detoured to find a less active who lives half an hour or so outside of Cheyenne, but in our ward boundaries.  We did not find the person, but we did see some interesting wildlife.  (Though no bears in the part that said Bear Crossing-bummer!) There was a vulture sitting on a fence post.  Then there was a hawk flying over the road.  We both looked up to see what he was carrying in his claws when all of a sudden he dropped a prairie dog right in front of us!  Every time this comes up (surprising how often that happens) I can still see the poor prairie dog's little feet running through the air as he fell.
Our investigators keep moving/going out of town, but we did have two cool experiences for giving people copies of the Book of Mormon this week!  One of them went to Eddy, who just happened to be at the home of a less active member we were visiting.  He is a truck driver and from California so probably we won't get to see him again, but that is okay!  He did offer that if I was ever feeling brave that I could call him up to ride across the country in his truck...probably won't happen, but it was a nice offer!  He mentioned that one bummer about his work is that he meets all these great people who he probably won't ever see again, and I completely know how he feels.
Some of the people we meet we will get to see again however, like Doris!  We almost walked past her sitting outside, but then we asked about her flowers and she told us that she loves to watch General Conference!  She has been friends with some LDS people over the years, and been to church a few times with them but something has held her back from joining.  We found out that she has never gotten a Book of Mormon!  Well that was quickly fixed and we will see what happens!
Oh yes, and it was the 4th of July this week!  We watched other people set off fireworks and I studied 1 Nephi 13 which is a prophecy of the discovery and colonization of America, built on a foundation of freedom, particularly religious freedom, which prepared the way for the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ!  How super cool!
TMFWD this week is black!
love, Sister Emily DeFord
Pictures:  A taste of our tour of the boots!  Plus a train and actually cooking!


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