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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 49: 7/21/14

July 21, 2014
Cheyenne, WY for another 6 weeks!
Yep, staying in Cheyenne :) And keeping my companion!  So life is good.  President Brown told us recently that if we were exactly the same as our companion, then he made a mistake.  Sister Christensen and I are not exactly the same, but we work well together and balance each other out in several aspects :) If we were the same then we could only get half as much done!
Did you know: an investigator standing you up can turn into a miracle?  Soon you will!  We had an appointment scheduled with R_____ on Monday night, but she wasn't there and no one answered the phone.  Somewhat disappointed, we decided to walk and see who we could meet, since our next set appointment was just down the street, but not for another hour.  We did walk and talked to several people, but not much luck, then we ended up back at Rachel's neighbor's house just in time to catch her family there.  They had just gotten back from a meeting to help at Cheyenne Frontier Days (CFD) and we only knew they were home because they happened to be outside still!  Perfect timing!  But wait, it gets better...
In the middle of the lesson with R_____, neighbor V____ walks in.  R_____'s parents say V____ doesn't want to stay in the living room with us, we are talking deep religion and stuff, but V____ does decide to stay!  So we quick review the first part of the lesson, and she is there in time for the Restoration!  V____ thinks her husband M___ would be pretty interested in this stuff, but she only got to hear about it because R_____ was late and we didn't leave the area!  See?  Miracles :)
Last exchange, for the last week of the transfer, with Sister Nolin!  Now we are done, but now it is a new transfer so we can start over... :) Upon re-entering Platte County (the whole county is her area) Sister Nolin says "Everything the light touches is our area"  "But what about that shadowy place"  "That's Cheyenne, we never go there"  Haha we had a great exchange and laughed a lot :)
At district meeting this week, Elder Young shared a story about a time when he and Elder Marble placed 5 Books of Mormon in 35 minutes, not tracting, but being led to exactly where those books needed to go. Inspired by that, Sister Christensen and I were daily planning and had an open hour and a half in which we planned to place 5 Books of Mormon and teach 2 other lessons. Step by step one or the other of us was inspired with exactly where we needed to go and we did in fact meet the people who needed those Books of Mormon and we did have 2 other lessons! It was an incredible experience and when our time was up my heart was filled with gratitude for being able to be part of something like that!
Now let's make this whole next transfer be that way :)
Flashbacks to high school and marching band this week as we parked cars for CFD and walked in a parade!  The whole pancake breakfast thing is really something that we should adopt at home.  Also met a Rabbi and a Mormon Jew this week, so it has been fun :)
Oh and D____ came to the fireside last night!  And was not completely overwhelmed by the Mormon jokes and references!  Definitely need to teach the plan of salvation this week though, there was a lot referred to about that.  Oh and R_____ came to church!  He hasn't been in oh about 28 years, Yes!  :)
So it has been a happy week, I hope yours has been as well :)
love, Sister Emily DeFord
p.s. TMFWD is green!
p.p.s. Gotta love the APs and their responses to our miracle finding day! (attached texts)

Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade

Cheyenne Frontier Days


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