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Friday, July 4, 2014

Week 46:6/30/14

 June 30, 2014
Cheyenne, WY
First of all, congratulations to Peter and Dallas!  This week all kinds of people got to hear that you were getting married :) That is a HUGE event and I'm proud of you for making a big decision like that :) Happy honeymooning!
While all that was going on I was: cleaning the church; helping someone move; texting everyone in the ward because the Elders (who were supposed to help us do the move) were sick; eating pizza because where we finished the move was conveniently near Little Caesars; doing weekly planning; talking to all kinds of people about all kinds of things and following up!  And trying to figure out at which point of the day I could say that my brother is officially married ;)
In other news.  We experienced battle with the bugs part 2:

Ew.  Look at that guy.  Apparently he is called either a wind scorpion or a sun spider.  Apparently he is a great bug eater.  He freaked me out by crawling in the bathroom window and whatever else he is he is very gross.
This morning we took a detour on the way to email in order to finally see the Corner Stone after which our ward is named!  Oh look!  There it is!

What?  It is just a little rock?  Oh well, mission accomplished.
Let's see, what else?  We attended two zone meetings this week (Sister Christensen and I are the Sister Training Leaders for both zones in Cheyenne so we gave trainings at both meetings) and missed seeing the funnel clouds on the North side of Cheyenne just before we went the north side of work outside ;) No worries, we were fine.  And there was a giant teepee which I'm sure would have been good shelter!  [See pictures at the end for service]
Got dropped (very cheerfully in fact) by some investigators which just motivates me to go find new investigators, and did more following up ;) Actually, we drove past this one alley of trailers the other day while we were looking for something else, and I decided that I wanted to tract it.  We planned to do that Thursday before ward correlation because it wasn't too far from where our meeting is held at.  We start down the alley and aren't really getting to talk to anyone.  Then a man named J___ opens the door.  We talk with him a bit and testify and offer him a Book of Mormon.  He sees the book and says, "Oh!  I have read some of this before!"  Apparently he used to live in Minnesota and somehow acquired the book there, but not everything made it to Wyoming when he moved, especially his books.  So we have an appointment to teach him on Tuesday!  Plus, we managed to be on time to ward correlation :) Which was a nice since we have a hard time with that... :)
All in all it has been a good week and I am looking forward to another good one!  Since I filled the role of backup speaker for Sacrament meeting this week, I should be safe for a few more weeks right?  Hopefully you are too :)
love, Sister Emily DeFord
TMFWD!  I have been so bad at this recently, and my apologies!  How about stripes tomorrow?

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