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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 63: 10/27/14

October 27, 2014
Cheyenne, WY
We began an experiment this week with a household, that we are really excited about and are hoping to try with another family in the coming week.  Sometimes people have a really hard time getting in to reading the scriptures/praying regularly, and without those it is really hard to progress.  So Sister Grammer and I decided spur of the moment like to go to the A_____/R_____/L___ house and simply tell them that we were going to come over every day for a week and read a chapter in the scriptures with them.  Our visits would be short and that would be the whole point.  (The idea of this being that by implementing just one aspect of the gospel daily they will begin to see a change from it and have a desire for more.)  So far it has been going pretty well!
Actually on one day we had a pretty long visit because we helped A_____ and L___ make dog cookies for A_____'s work!  That was really fun and gave us a chance to talk about a lot of things, as well as read our chapter.  L___ just moved in with R_____ and A_____ a month or so ago, and has just sat in whenever we come over, it was really impressive when we asked him for a recap on the chapter, how much he actually paid attention and followed what was going on.
And yes, we did try a little bit of the dog cookie dough, just to see if it was any good ;)
Speaking of brief lessons, that also allowed us to have a new investigator this week!  V_______ is someone who I have just started to love since we met her last transfer on exchanges.  She is also someone you can just see is ready for the gospel.  It is hard to schedule things with her, but since we stopped by one morning with a plan for a short visit she let us in and we got to set another appointment!  She really wants to change her life and make it better for her and her son.
Plus, members are amazing!  It finally worked out to have Sister C_____ come with us to D____' lesson and it went so well!  They live in the same apartment complex so had some common ground there (literally;) ) but also discovered some other similarities.  Sister C_____ is also a convert to the Church so she was able to address some of D____' thoughts in a different way than we could have!
At Church on Sunday our WML talked to the sisters briefly about missionary work, and invited them to come out with us on some evening in the week.  We got a great response from it and I am excited to see what happens next :)
Sister Grammer and I played a fun game this morning that we heard about from an RM.  He called it 'contact', and it is a great way to test your knowledge of the scriptures ;) Our modified for two players version goes like this:  One companion opens the scriptures to a random page and simply begins to read.  The other companion has to find where in the scriptures she is reading from, and says 'contact!' when she gets there :) We had a lot of fun with it!
I didn't take many pictures this week, but did have an exchange with Sister Hebertson and she forgot her toothbrush so was using a finger ;)
Plus, Sister Grammer and I live in the bat cave ;) The scripture reference makes it legit!  (Hmm, my head is kind of in the way, but the reference is Ether 13:13)
TMFWD: how's about some pink for the week?
love, Sister Emily DeFord
The Bat Cave

Dental Hygiene

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