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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 60: 10/6/14

October 6, 2014
Cheyenne, WY
So I remembered a little bit late, and was reminded, that I did not explain the quote which headed my last week's email.  It did not appear on Google because I am the one who said it ;) Sister Grammer and I were walking down the street doing and talking about missionary things when I thought about how strange some of the things we do are.  Both as a missionary and in life sometimes it feels awkward to do something because we experience the 'spotlight effect' thinking that someone is watching all that we are doing.  While it is basically true that someone is always watching, it isn't continuously the same someone so really these things shouldn't be awkward because in fact "nobody knows the strangeness from beginning to end".
This transfer has been one of meetings.  In the first week we had a mission conference with Elder Cook.  In the second week we had a Mission Leadership Council which was put off to then due to the mission conference.  In the third week we had Zone Conferences.  In the fourth week we had Zone meetings, which normally follow the week after MLC but was put off due to Zone Conference.  In the fifth week we came again to another MLC.  I think that is in part why the time has flown so quickly!
Happy to report however, that even with all of the much driving due to various meetings and transfers, we only went 4 miles over the limit on our car in the month of September.  Hopefully October will be less of a nailbiting month in that respect, even if it does have 31 days!
This week Sister Grammer and I had to squeeze in two exchanges (it was almost three!) and we tried something very daring.  For the first exchange, Sister Grammer was in our area, we saw each other for a couple hours to get some important things done at the end of the exchange and then began another one, with me in our area.  Luckily Sister Grammer keeps really good track of everyone who we even try to visit, so I was able to know what had been done the day before and not double contact people ;)
It was very fun to serve with Sister Hay again.  For both of us this is our fourth transfer in Cheyenne so this was our third exchange together, but the first time in her area.  For unknown reasons, on exchange days it seems impossible to not have most everything fall through, but we did get to meet one of their investigators who they had been really worried about since she is an older lady who had been MIA for several days.  Sister Hay is lots of fun and has a really super good heart.
With Sister Budge here in Corner Stone ward we had some interesting experiences.  In the evening we had someone almost call the police on us because he thought we were going through people's mailboxes.  Actually, we were looking for an address :) He turned out to be a very nice guy and even tried to help us figure out where the house was that we were looking for!  The next morning we decided to try and talk to him in the daytime, and instead were approached by and preached to for an hour and a half by an interesting fellow who was concerned for our souls.  He even said himself, "Well, we've had a nice talk.  Actually, you guys have had a nice listen." Which very accurately sums up the experience.
Last but not least for notable events of the week, it was General Conference!  Even though the people who were going to watch with us at the Merrifield's and Miller's homes fell through, we contained our sadness enough to really really enjoy the whole thing.  Then we were kind of happy when a family brought dinner to us instead of going to their house so we could just sit for a while and continue absorbing all the amazing things we learned.
It is incredible because every time I come with questions, they are answered.  In some way, shape or form, they always are.
A less notable, but very enjoyable experience was doing some chalking in a pedestrian tunnel, with some questions of the soul and scriptures.  Plus, since my mom is really cool, we took some pictures of our work, made possible by my new camera!  More pictures will be coming now :)
TMFWD should it be orange because October has begun? Yes!
love, Sister Emily DeFord
omparing the size of my femur with that of a dinosaur in the Wyoming State Museum :)

This is me, Sister Grammer, Sister Waite, and I can't spell the last sister's name, even phonetically, so Sister T at Zone conference.

What a beautiful bike riding day :) The helmet didn't even mess up my curly hair!

Sister Grammer and I in front of the capital building here in Cheyenne

Capital Building again

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