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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 59: 9/29/14

September 29, 2014
Cheyenne, WY
"...Nobody knows the strangeness from beginning to end"
Would it be bad to only write about things from yesterday because they are the easiest to remember and really cool things happened?  Well, I guess that is what we will start with and maybe bounce around :) (I admire all of you wonderful people who can give me a rundown of the week from Monday to the end, someday maybe I will be like you)
Mostly I am just REALLY excited about what happened on Sunday (yesterday).  We had set up a lesson with L___ who has been what I like to call, a progressing potential investigator ;) We were going to meet at Brother Jones' house which was a crazy idea that Sister Grammer had and we decided to run with.  First of all, he actually came!  We were not stood up, which I never really think is going to happen, but often try to prepare myself emotionally for.
As we all sat down, I realized a slight problem.  We had gathered 5 people in that room, the missionaries, Brother J____, Sister L____ (they are siblings), and L___.  2 of the most longwinded people I know, and 2 of the most opinionated people I know.  Needless to say, the person (you can guess at who) who fits both categories talked the most, the missionaries talked very little.  Still, some very excellent things came out in that meeting, and L___ is still willing to meet with us again so I'm thinking it was a success ;)
One of my favorite parts was when Sister L____ shared her testimony so simply and straightforwardly.  She spent a long time looking for the truth, didn't find it until a few years ago and she is in her 70s now.  Now that she has finally got it, there is nothing which can dissuade her from it.  She knows her Heavenly Father and His love for her.
Other uber cool experience from yesterday.  We went to try to meet the family of a man, N__, who we met and gave a Book of Mormon to a few weeks ago.  It was evening time and there were only lights on upstairs in their apartment, so we weren't sure if they would answer but we went for it anyway.  N__ answered almost immediately after we knocked and invited us in!  We were able to sit and talk with them about God and the gospel and why we have the Book of Mormon.  N__'s wife doesn't speak English, but we promised to get a Spanish copy and they both are looking forward to reading it.  They are a sweet little family with two and a half kids (isn't that what Brother Hales always talked about the average family size being, or was it 3 and a half?) who have only been involved with church and things like that in the past couple of years, and so are eager to learn.  We discussed also how the only way they can really know about the things which we say are to pray and ask God.  That is the way to discern truth in a world where every is more than happy to tell you their own opinion.  One of my favorite things about them is that they had questions, especially P_______.  She sure isn't going into anything blind, and I am so grateful for her thoughts and to be able to see the things which she has pondered and already learned from the scriptures and had confirmed through the Spirit.
Okay, I can't only talk about Sunday, because Saturday night was the General Women's Broadcast and that was AMAZING!  As well as the sweet missionary experience we were able to have with Sister Webber at Subway which I am sure was for her more than for us, but once again I am grateful to have participated :)
It is very nice to sit and hear inspired messages, and also know that my family is hearing the same messages.  (okay, not the brothers and the dad, because this was a women's meeting, but you know what I mean:) )
This week also I went to the dentist and had the nicest hygienist ever.  Then I went and ate popcorn (good thing I didn't need fluoride!) and watched "Meet the Mormons"!  It was a fun movie and has convinced me that I want to move to Costa Rica ;) Here in Cheyenne it will be coming out in the theater October 10th and sticking around for a week.  Is it going to Tri-Cities at all?  (Side note: N__ used to work in Hermiston and sometimes in Kennewick!  Woah, we probably passed each other on the street in the pre-mission life or something;) ) The beginning was super funny and the rest was pretty enjoyable.  If you like I'm a Mormon videos then you will like the movie ;)
The new Mormon Message about the to do list is really good as well and I think one that most moms (nudge, mom) (nudge Heather;) ) should watch, repeatedly.  Of course, most moms are so full of doing what the Lord needs them to get done that internet videos don't always fit in.
Love you all!  TMFWD should be pink this week ;)
love, Sister Emily DeFord

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