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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week 57: 9/15/14

September 15, 2014
Cheyenne, WY
Happy Birthday Michael!! (Yesterday) Is 17!  And Happy Birthday Heather!  Who turned 24 last year, contrary to my original calculations, and is now 25!!  Ha I will spoil all of the age secrets ;) Next up comes papa who will be a full half century old!
This week was great great great.  We talked to gangsters, and bought bikes, and rode bikes, and had snow, and shared the Restoration via hymns, and ran into the Elders (actually, they ran into us) and looked for sloths, and met neighbors! and amazing lessons and nailpolish from the Elders and breakfast and football and much much more.  But I will try to elaborate on some of these ;)
One 8:30 at night (really, can be the best time or a very inconvenient time, but we have found that as we plan and then work diligently though our 8 o'clock plans often fall through, our time is not wasted) we left someone's house and saw some people outside on the opposite corner.  They were going inside and out of the house, switching in and out of a car, the way they were talking and acting they totally appeared to be gangsters.  So we talked about it, decided neither of us was getting a "no, run away!" feeling, so we had better go and talk to them.  When we got over there, the car had left and two guys were left outside.  One of them waved us off, telling us he wasn't interested, but we asked if he knew anyone who might be and the other guy said we could come over and talk to him for a minute!  It was awesome, Phil is actually looking into churches right now so we gave him a pamphlet and the church address and our number.  Always talk to the gangsters!
So, I mentioned I was thinking about buying a bike.  Great way to contact someone right?  Well it was!  Different than the one we thought of before, we were driving down the street and saw these two nice bikes out just calling to us.  So we stopped and talked to D__.  He actually isn't interested, but we got to have a great conversation in the midst of buying the bikes :) So it wasn't quite on a whim, because I was thinking about it already, right?
Then it snowed the next day!  And was very cold!  And we had to learn how to work the thermostat.  Then it melted the next day and has been very nice, so it is all good :)
So then riding the bikes was super my favorite thing ever because we get to talk to people all along the way and I just love it a lot!  Plus, we can put the bikes on our bike rack to take them more to the middle of our area so we never have to ride up the big hill to our house which I would not like to do.  I am a wimp on big hills.  Luckily, we don't have too many of those ;)
We sang a hymn for every principle in the restoration lesson while cleaning windows at a less active's house ;)
These new Elders in the ward really are getting out and working!  Only trouble is, when they show up at a house at which we are having a lesson...we will get it all worked out!  Then the Torrington Elders for some reason had nailpolish in their commissary box so they distributed it among the sisters at district meeting.  One thing I never thought to hear and Elder say, "Hey, we have some nailpolish for you!"
We were able to teach and preach and work this week with A_____, who came to the church for a tour!  And we read the Book of Mormon with :) and with V______ who is continuing to progress and best of all, they are progressing as a family which is the best that I could even hope for!  As well that we finally were able to have an appointment with J____ and E_______ (the man who looked at Sister Christensen and I across the parking lot and said that we glowed).  He could still feel that same Spirit as we talked, now to help him understand that he can have that with him all of the time!  It is called the gift of the Holy Ghost ;) or the baptism of fire which follows the baptism of water, both administered by proper authority.
So I am going to keep floating (or riding;)  ) through this week by the traction of the load I choose!  Hopefully the week is good for everyone at home who I "knew in the pre-mission life" as well ;)
TMFWD stripes!
love, Sister Emily DeFord
p.s. I forgot that I have a totally awesome FHE idea for you.  You should watch the Mormon Message "A Book of Mormon Story" :)

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