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Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 55: 9/3/2014

September 3, 2014
Cheyenne, WY
Hey, September started!  I'm emailing, but today isn't Monday.  Holidays, what can you do?  Good news for Monday, the L_______ came back in town!  Just in time to say goodbye to Sister Christensen because...this isn't Tuesday either!  That was transfer day.  We drove down to Loveland and I got to see some of my favorite sisters in the whole world!  Sister Carbno is awesome and just leaving Longmont for Fort Collins, Sister Smith, Hermana Snow, Hermana England!  Sister Cardon, Sister Swain, I could go on but basically these are amazing sisters and I am so inspired by them!  (I am inspired by other favorite sister too, but Heather wasn't around on Tuesday)  Maybe would have taken pictures, but my camera had an unfortunate accident so stay tuned on that.  Anywho, Sister Christensen was transferred down to Boulder, and I picked up Sister Grammer to come back up to Cheyenne with me!  Then we had a crazy afternoon because we had appointments scheduled who didn't cancel so we drove all around town with her stuff in the car and bike on the back until 6ish when we finally did have one cancel so we could finally take Sister Grammer grocery shopping and drop stuff off at home.
Phew, so that is why I am emailing on Wednesday.
Going back in time before all the transfer craziness.....holy cow that was a long time ago!  We had an interesting experience meeting a man named E_.  We were prompted to tract his street.  Apparently it was the first day off he had in two weeks and the only time we could have caught him at home, he also told us he had prayed for someone to talk to a few days before that.  So we were prayed to his house!  Yet he didn't want to listen to what we had to say.  I am still puzzled about that, but glad we followed the prompting anyway.
We are helping a less active sister get ready to move, we did some weeding on Tuesday and she gave us a homework assignment to find some newspaper for packing breakables on Thursday.  We gave her a homework assignment to read 3 Nephi 11 ;)
In going to another less active's house, we got there while her daughter was there who isn't a member and got to hear M_____ (who is less active) testify to her daughter about the church.  Way cool experience!  Funny thing is, last time we went to her house her son's family was there and we got to talk to them as well.  M_____ is also the grandma of V______, who is going to be baptized this month!
V______ and her mom are doing wonderfully!  We got to have dinner and a show, I mean, lesson with them this week ;) She really enjoyed coming to church and Primary and we are so excited to see what continues to happen in their family :)
The show part came in when there were a ton of ants which came into the house with one of the girls and V______ ended up with ants in her pants and there was great fun had by E____ (6) and K____ (2) in smashing the ants with shoes.  Quote mom, "It's just a tiny ant, careful, you are going to hurt the shoe!"
We found the cutest little kittens outside on their own and had to take them to the animal shelter.  Then the next day when we went back for service at the animal shelter we found them and played with them some more :) I wish we could have kept them!
We were supposed to have a lesson with another less active family and I am not sure if she forgot, but they were in the middle of housecleaning when we got there so we helped them with that instead.  We set another appointment with them which T____ actually remembered about and I am glad we were able to serve first so that we could show them that we really do care about them, not just rallying them up into the church.  Why is that important?  Because we really do care about them!  And Heavenly Father cares about them!  And the reason we invite them to church is because we want the best for them and that comes in a gospel-centered gospel living family. 
So it has been a good week.  As Sister Plenert and Hermana Vargha would say, I think we fulfilled our purpose :) Ready or not for this new transfer, here it comes!  "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear" doesn't necessarily mean that what you are prepared for will happen, but "come what may and love it" is also a good quote.
I love you and hope you have a good week!  How about ThMFWD instead this week?  Green tomorrow?
love, Sister Emily DeFord

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