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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 58: 9/22/14

September 22, 2014
Cheyenne, WY

Today is one of those days when my fingers have just forgotten how to type, so hopefully this all comes out in good English, but if not, ask Heather what it says ;)

Have I mentioned how much I love riding a bike to get somewhere?  Seriously, love it love it and not that I don't love my wards I have served in, but why was I not put in a biking area?  I should be careful what I wish for though, winter is coming up ;)

We had some excellent riding and teaching and testifying and talking and learning and listening and loving this week.  There are two stories in particular which I would like to share though.

On Wednesday we were on exchanges with the Eastridge sisters.  Sister Kertamus came here with me, and we talked about how she is struggling with, but trying to improve on, talking with everyone who we come across, wherever we are.  So throughout the afternoon we worked on that and as we walked past someone we wouldn't just walk past, but tried to talk with them.  It was a good experience, but I think it really prepared us for the opportunity which we were given in the evening.

As we were driving to a certain home we came up behind a car which stopped at a green light.  That was strange, but it turned out his car had died.  We looked for jumping cables in our car but didn't have any and neither did he.  So we decided we would pull off of the road and then come back and push his car out of the way at least, then he could call someone to pick him up.  As we parked our car, he was able to actually let his roll backwards down the slight hill, and turn it off of the road.  So we really did nothing to help him at all, but he was so grateful!  And then we were able to talk with him about being missionaries, and it turns out that he knew some missionaries growing up, but at the time was not really able to learn about what they had to say because his family was against it.  However, now as an adult he has a chance to consider it again and make his own decision!  I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who knows His children so well and never loses track of them but will bring them to exactly the right place that they need to be, even with a broken down car.

Next story.  On Saturday we went to contact K____.  She happens to live in one of those houses where there is always someone new.  She wasn't feeling well that day, but instead we met C_____ and gave him a Book of Mormon.  Since we have been working on what to share after giving someone a Book of Mormon, so they can really understand what it is about and what it means for them, we were able to follow that up with sharing with him the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, how it has been taught through all ages to all people, and has been restored in its fullness today.  I'm not sure that he followed all of the things that we shared, but he definitely felt the Spirit.

Actually, we were talking about prophets like Noah, and we asked C_____, how do you think you would have recognized Noah as a prophet.  He said he would have to go meet him and talk with him and the Spirit would come from Noah to himself, letting him know that this was a prophet of God and his message was true.

So as C_____ had felt the Spirit so strong while we talked, he wanted his brother to feel it also, so he invited us to come back the next day and he would have his brother there to talk with us.

On Sunday we shared with J____ what we had shared with C_____, and were able to testify to them that exactly what C_____ had thought about recognizing a prophet was true!  Here was the Book of Mormon, the fruits of the prophet Joseph Smith, and by reading, and praying, about this book a person can feel the Spirit and know that it is of God and that God does call prophets today, that there is one on Earth today named Thomas Monson.  They both agreed to take that action, and as they do so and it proves true, to be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God.

This is truth and it does enliven and enrich our lives!  I just wanted to share those stories because these people are amazing, and they are loved children of God who I have been blessed to meet at this time and share this beautiful truth with.  There is really nothing better :)

love, Sister Emily DeFord

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